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WARNING for Web Developers - Disable plugin

I do web development and design. Unfortunately I just wasted 40 minutes developing some convoluted CSS solution for an issue of an element randomly moving off of a page on a clients website. Until finally, I came across some styles embedded at the bottom of the page's html that showed a line relating to a chrome plugin. Queue lightbulb moment.

Freestyler-- What the heck? Why would the plugin be active for my clients site when I never even opened it while on the site, much less set a theme. On top of it being active, why would it alter the appearance of the site when I've made no such command to do so?

I was excited about such an intuitive plugin to restyle some site designs I truly dislike. But this is extremely frustrating to know that I wasted such time on bs.

This should be top priority for bug fixes. Until it's resolved, I'm without a doubt removing it. Bummer.

Anyone know anything about this or have any insight as to why it did this?

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