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Long delay in changing the style - Is there a reason for this?

I am a new user to Freestyler having only in the last week found it and begun using it.

It works quite well so thank you for providing this extension.

However there is a bit of a problem that I am aware of which I would like to know the answer to.

I have used Stylish in the past for a long time and more recently StyleRRR and both did the job well. The problem I am having with FreeStyler is that I dislike white backgrounds and therefore use a lot of styles to eliminate the white backgrounds to make sites more eye friendly. Google is a big offender in this respect. I notice that the pages load and often display the original style and only after the page has fully loaded does Freestyler alter the style/CSS. This seems quite some time after the page has loaded meaning I am left staring at white pages for longer than I would like.

Is there a reason for this long delay in setting the CSS? Is there any way to reduce this so that the white backgrounds are not shown for so long?

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