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10 Effective Home Remedies To Treat Chikungunya Fever

The primary weapon at your disposal is likely already in your medication cabinet: "I usually go straight to 1% hydrocortisone cream used twice a day," Dr. Katta says. Avoid utilizing it on your face for greater than a month, though. If you're out of Cortizone-10, making use of calamine lotion or a paste product of baking soda and water may also help, based on the Mayo Clinic. A chilly compress or cool, moist cloth can also soothe angry bites. You'll wish to skip widespread home remedies like witch hazel, lemon juice, and apple cider vinegar, however. These in style "cures" can truly do extra harm than good. What helps Mosquito cream (please click the following internet site) bites cease itching fast? To get some relief ASAP, strive tapping the irksome bumps. Whatever you do, resist the urge to scratch. Open sores put you at the next danger of infection, and will result in lengthy-lasting hyperpigmentation or worse, scarring. How do you keep mosquitoes from biting you? Beat bugs before they bite by applying insect repellent and sporting lengthy sleeves and pants. The nice Housekeeping Institute likes Sawyer Products Controlled-Release Insect Repellent Lotion, which protects in opposition to mosquitoes for up to eleven hours. Allethrin lamps and geraniol candles may assist de-bug the backyard.
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