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Finally, we are happy to welcome you at our Forum. Here you can discuss your favourite user styles, let us know your ideas about FreeStyler site and extension, or just chat about everything and nothing at all. There is also the section for style authors where you can share your style development experience or just ask a question on the topic.

The Forum also allows you to send Private Message (PM) to any FreeStyler.WS user.

We all at FreeStyler will be happy to hear your feedback, opinions and read all about you creative process and experience.


  • How do you change your style from draft mode & enable picture for preview of style.
    Just starting out so any advice would be greatly appreciated. :)

  • well, you copy my uestyless (my style's license allows for it, it's ok:
    But how to regain ability to update them in your site (all my userstyels here are old and not updated at all)

    Your site is more functional than Userstyles.org (which became totally buggy).
    You can have an opportunity to became a challenger, but you need take care of original userstyles's author.
    My Userstyles Page:

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