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Hestia "jump" to high :v

About Style: Google Hestia (Anime) version
edited November 2015 in Style Reviews

Hestia "jump" to high . I can't see her head. Can you fix it ?


  • @Rin Kitori. It's strange, I can't reproduce such a behavior. Could you please check, that you have no other styles installed for Google, except Hestia (go to Google, click FreeStyler button and check "Active styles" list). If you have multiple styles active at once, they can overlap each other and it can lead to the some artefacts. Try to disable all Google styles except Hestia. If this will not help, please contact us via email - we will try to do additional diagnostic for this.

    You can also try other anime styles like Google [anime logo].

  • delete old bookmark and add new one

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