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  • No fixes from author. Style was removed
    in Thanks! Comment by admin March 2016
  • No fixes from author. Style was removed
  • Hi, sskhan! Just checked the style in Chrome 49.0.2623.87 m with FreeStyler 2.4.1 - all looks ok. Can you please provide more details about the issue? P.S. You can click "Discuss on forum" above to continue discussion on forum - the forum have abili…
    in Comment by admin March 2016
  • By the way, this style is now showing in "featured" block on the main page. My congratulations!
    in Comment by admin February 2016
  • No suggested changes were made, style is still broken. So, I marked it as removed. The author Hà Thương still can made suggested changes then publish style again.
    in Comment by admin March 2016
  • Hi! The last update was about the year ago, so it looks like the author stopped supporting of this style. You can try another our styles for Facebook or try to fix this one using our manuals. Please contact me via if you have q…
    in Comment by admin December 2015
  • Hi! It's very strange issue. If you installed FreeStyler browser extension and have JS actually enabled, it should work. Could you please contact us via email for further diagnostic of this issue? Please provide a screenshot of…
    in Comment by admin November 2015
  • Hi, @aests! You can try another anime styles like Google [anime logo]. It's should only affect main logo. Click "Customize style" and select desired girl. Or you may click "provide your own" and specify…
    in Comment by admin November 2015
  • Great! Style look better and better And code became more clear, in my mind.
    in Comment by admin January 2016
  • By the way, you are using moz-document domain( and url-prefix(*) simultaneously. Looks like only domain rule will be enough here and url-prefix is redundant. Also, wildcards will not work in the url-prefix rule (…
    in Comment by admin December 2015
  • @Rin Kitori. It's strange, I can't reproduce such a behavior. Could you please check, that you have no other styles installed for Google, except Hestia (go to Google, click FreeStyler button and check "Active styles" list). If you have multiple styl…
  • H! Thank you for report. Looks like author does not maintain this style anymore, so some images lost. Although I found the first image here: Try the following 1/ Open "C…
  • @gamerwolf52, just install FreeStyler for Chrome extension from Chrome WebStore then click "Install Style" on this page. After this you will see Hestia on Google's pages.
    in how Comment by admin November 2015
  • This is a very strange style, it does nothing. May be this manual will be helpful for creating styles: Anyway, fell free to ask me about how to work with style or creating your own styles here in …
    in TIPICAL 11 Comment by admin October 2015
  • Hi! Yes, something wrong with this style. I hope the author will fix it. By the way, you can try another pink styles for facebook, for example facebook [pink style] or Facebook - Dark Shiny Pink Static, transparency. Hope you will like it.
  • Hi! Good idea for style! But if you want change a background on the pages, you should use CSS like this in your style body{ background: url(!important } You also should not use your local images like C:\UsersM…
  • Hi, Miguel! Looks like Twitter changed something on their side, so, this style works strange now. Or may be someone will fork it and fix it.
  • david999, thank you for bug report. I confirm the bug with FF33, we'll try to fix it in the nearest update.
  • Please find basic 'how to' tutorial here: If you will have any questions about style creation, you can ask it in comments or via email We will glad to help.
    in Question Comment by admin July 2015
  • Bad3r, you can also try Google [anime logo] style. This style allows any custom image as the logo. Just click "Customize this style", then select "Provide your own" and enter your gif URL. The manual is "in progress" as promised.
    in Question Comment by admin May 2015
  • can post a tutorial Yes, sure. We'll prepare such a tutorial and post it soon.
    in Question Comment by admin May 2015