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Added by 13ulbasaur@userstyles, Created: Dec 08, 2014, Updated: Dec 16, 2016


This (hopefully) unique skin is something I made in my free time to practice, and it features a (not very unique) dark colour palette, contrasted with bold fonts and unnecessarily large buttons in battles as well as different backgrounds from XY and ORAS and animated weather. This skin is constantly in the works (and is probably buggy), and if you have any suggestions, questions, bug reports or criticism, feel free to let me know on Showdown or on Smogon!

Shoutout to Doubles room and meta for being cool.

If you have any bug reports or questions, please message me at 13ulbasaur on either Smogon or Pokemon Showdown. I do not get any notifications when I get messages here and I rarely check this site except to update my style so I rarely see messages until a long time.

More info
  • 16th December 2016 - Fixed the Pokemon icons, again.
  • 30th November 2016 - Fixed the Pokemon icons in battle creeping out of their circles.
  • 31st July 2016 - Finally fixed the bottom buttons in the main menu changing colour after a battle.
  • 13th May 2016 - Fixed backgrounds not changing anymore.
  • 27th January 2016 - Fixed the weather stuff not appearing.
  • 25th January 2016 - Fixed the weird buttons when selecting a team to fight with, fixed the team box that shows your mons so it doesn't cut them off, and fixed a minor bug in which the names of the Pokemon in battle had been moved slightly.
  • 3rd January 2016 - Edited the Pokemon icons in the in battle switch menu.
  • 27th December 2015 - Fixed the mega evolution button overlapping the attack buttons.
  • 26th December 2015 - Fixed the Pokemon repeating itself in the teambuilder.
  • 17th December 2015 - Updated the new teambuilder folder stuff to match with the theme. Also changed the background setting so you can just choose the background from the choose background option on showdown.
  • 11th December 2015 - Oops, I accidentally left some text pink lol. fixed
  • 7th December 2015 - Fixed new Download replay button so it isn't a terrifying, giant mess.
  • 22nd November 2015 - Fixed the Mega Evolution button after recent update.
  • 25th September 2015 - Hid the 'person' icon that started appearing next to username in header bar.
  • 24th September 2015 - Changed the colour of the PM window's header when it is highlighted when someone is talking to you to have a more matching colour.
  • 8th September 2015 - Fixed username moving to the side in your own messages or highlighted messages in the chat.
  • 6th September 2015 - Fixed move and switch buttons borders changing weirdly when hovered over after previous updates.
  • 5th September 2015 - Minor update to a few buttons.
  • 4th September 2015 - Teambuilder has been modified to have more matching colours in the team list and options when editing the team. Buttons around the site have also been updated to match, and the options in the replays have also been updated similarly. Additional screenshots have been added to show some of these updates.
  • 1st Septemer 2015 - Finally fixed the rainbow menu.
  • 31st August 2015 - Fixed bug where 3rd Pokemon icon in teams cannot be hovered to check info. Also fixed the text to be lighter in colour in teambuilder's search results of Pokemon, items etc. Thank you xfix!
  • 27th August 2015 - Fixed trainers and Pokemon icons being out of place after update.
  • 29th July 2015 - Updated the skill activation pop up to have a matching red colour.
  • 23rd July 2015 - Added a black shadow to usernames to make darker names a bit easier to see.
  • 17th July 2015 - Fixed white bar appearing in battles after new update.
  • 28th June 2015 - Added a background to the main page
  • 3rd June 2015 - Added compatibility with replays on replay.pokemonshowdown.com! Still working out some kinks.
  • 17th April 2015- Now with animated weather!
  • 9th April 2015 - Fixed bug where tooltip hides behind chat if using Pokémon Showdown Enhanced Tooltips.

Applies to:
play.pokemonshowdown.com, psim.us, replay.pokemonshowdown.com

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