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Applies to: Wikipedia, Wiktionary, Wikisource, Wikiquote, Wikibooks, Wikinews, Wikiversity, and other Wikimedia projects.
Adds English names for the language links in the sidebar.
If the English exonym and autonym is similar (identical or just with some diacritics), they are commented out.

If there are any politically incorrect exonyms, I will correct them.
I usually use my own customized version so I might be missing a few things.
Some languages have alternative names commented out.
Suggestions, questions and other language versions are welcome.
Japanese version: ウィキメディア - 言語間リンクに日本語名を表示

More info
Redirects are included.
Exonyms are based on “List of Wikipedias”, “Talk:List of Wikipedias - Meta” or the article for the individual languages.
The screenshots of the inter-language link below is taken from the “English language” article of the English Wikipedia (Vector skin, 2010-4-9).
If the screenshot is scaled down, choose “View Image” from the context menu to see the full size on Firefox.

/* For the Vector skin, you might want to add a bullet for each item:

div#p-lang li:before {
content: url("") !important;
padding-right: 5px;

2009-03-11: Commented out Kinyarwanda[rw], Bislama[bi].
Distinguish “Norwegian Bokmål”[no] and “Norwegian Nynorsk”[nn].
Commented out Inupiak[ik], Kapampangan[pam], Inuktitut[iu] (“inuktitut” is included in the autonym).

2009-03-14: Changed title. Now applies to other Wikimedia sites as well.
Added Korean[ko].
Commented out “Hiri Motu” [ho], Kanuri[kr].
Added few languages to the comments.

2009-11-30: Commented out Igbo[ig].

2010-2-20: Changed Azeri[az] to Azerbaijani[az].
Added Acehnese [ace], “Eastern Mari”[mhr], “Western Panjabi”[pnb], “Central Kurdish”(Soranî)[ckb], “Pontic Greek”[pnt], “Mirandese”[mwl].
Added Picard[pcd] to the comments.
Commented out Cebuano[ceb], Banyumasan[map-bms] (“Banyumasan” is included in the autonym).

2010-4-9: Added Karachay-Balkar[krc].
Changed “Belarusian (Tarashkevitsa)”[be-x-old] to “Belarusian (Taraškievica)”[be-x-old], “Western Panjabi”[pnb] to “Punjabi (Shahmukhi)”[pnb], “Punjabi”[pa] to “Punjabi (Gurmukhi)”[pa].
Moved Turkmen[tk], Hawaiian[haw], Inupiaq[ik] from the comments.
Decided to move Banyumasan[map-bms] from the comments for consistency (Zulu(isiZulu), Xhosa(isiXhosa) is present).
Commented out Yoruba[yo], Sango[sg], Pitkern-Norfuk(Pitcairnese-Norfolk)[pih].
Commented out duplicate Inuktitut[iu].

2011-3-25: Added “Palatinate German”[pfl], “North Frisian”[frr], Gagauz[gag], Kabardian[kbd], Komi-Permyak[koi], Rusyn[rue], Banjar[bjn].

2011-3-26: Added “Hill Mari”(Western Mari)[mrj].
Changed “Eastern Mari”[mhr] to “Meadow Mari”[mhr].

2011-3-31: Added Latgalian[ltg].
Commented out Pangasinan[pag].

2011-6-25: Moved Anglo-Saxon[ang] from the comments and changed the name to “Old English”, since the autonym on the inter-language link is now “Ænglisc” and the language is frequently referred to as “Old English” in English.

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