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Post your compatibility issues in the discussion forum. If it is an issue with another style, be sure to include a link to that style. I will then provide you with a custom fix for your script.

More info
This script DOES NOT drastically nor dramatically change Gmail's appearance and or layout, but maintains its integrity by using the range of colors that fall within its default set, while allowing the user to adjust, fine-tune, and COSMETICALLY tweak Gmail to suit their needs.

No sponsored links
Bolder text
Max window use w/ no horizontal overflow
Less links, more buttons
Less clutter = easier to read
Hover highlights
No excess padding
Fully fits to browsers w/ 1024x768 resolution or better

DISCLAIMER: Be aware that at ANYTIME, the script may not work like it has previously because of Google's code and its constant update.


I don't mind if copy any part of my style. ALL I ASK is that you give me credit--e.g. just type the following into your style's description: "This style was inspired by style [1][6][3][9][9] by user [1][7][0][3][1]" (without the quotes and without the [brackets] that surround the numbers)--when you publish the style you made with my code.

8/4/09 - I'm Back!
8/17/09 - Fixed Message body overflow
9/2/09 - Fixed thread highlights
9/25/09 - Fixed filter buttons placement
10/17/09 - Fixed report spam button placement
10/22/09 - Button highlights are back!
11/6/09 - Fixed border and position bugs
12/9/09 - Fixed button border and updated code for Google
1/27/10 - FIRST 2K10 UPDATE!!! - Reduced padding on certain buttons
2/12/10 - Fixed message body for all Buzz messages.
2/22/10 - Fixed message thread highlights
3/3/10 - Minor Bug Fixes
3/9/10 - Fixed Gmail POP3 notification message placement next to refresh button
3/26/10 - Removed certain button settings for Gmail is now using HTML5 buttons
4/4/10 - Integrating Chrome and Safari compatibility
4/21/10 - Better highlights in drop-down menus
5/4/10 - Made Search and Filter buttons CSS3 compatible
5/5/10 - Fixed contacts drop-down menu displacement
5/5/10 - Beginning style-wide integration of CSS3 buttons
5/6/10 - Fixed a few bugs and made some minor tweaks
5/7/10 - Fixed 'New Window', 'Expand All', 'Print All' etc. buttons to display inline
5/9/10 - Add hover highlight for left panel links
5/12/10 - Fixed a couple bugs
5/20/10 - Fixed bug in contacts
5/20/10 - Made a couple tweaks for right-side chat compensation
5/24/10 - Fixed 'search options' and 'filter button' - were not clicking when pop-up message would appear.
5/24/10 - Fixed chat icon placement bug
6/3/10 - Fixed bug in Contacts
6/7/10 - Fixed bugs found with the buttons. All is well again!
7/13/10 - Fixed a few bugs in the menus
8/10/10 - Updated and tweaked for the new Gmail layout!
8/12/10 - Made Tasks link look more like a to-do button
8/14/10 - Added hover highlights to contacts listing
8/18/10 - Fixed bottom panel refresh button
8/24/10 - Fixed Top Search Area button placement when typing text
8/30/10 - Fixed Gmail alert when viewing messages
9/1/10 - Fixed display bug when "Mail" tab is selected.
9/9/10 - Fixed search button border hover
9/27/10 - Fixed a couple placement bugs with buttons
9/28/10 - Removed excess slack left from invite box
9/29/10 - Fixed Chat Box display issue!
10/22/10 - Fixed a few bugs
11/15/10 - Removed Beta Feature!
11/20/10 - Numerous Bug Fixes!
11/23/10 - Some user reported layout bugs. This should fix it! If not, let me know!
11/24/10 - Tested the style out my friend's laptop; found a serious layout issue. IT SHOULD BE FIXED NOW! If not, let me know!
11/24/10 - FINALLY!!! Found the culprit that was causing all the issues. It was in labs - RIGHT-SIDE CHAT! Just updated and tested; so far so good
11/25/10 - Mad thanks to ALL OF YOU for letting me know about the bugs! I've fixed the contacts layout issue! So far, so good! Please let me know if you find more!
2/2/11 - First 2K11 update! Misc. bug fixes
2/2/11 - Code update bug fixes
2/6/11 - Found out that Google's recent update hasn't reached all users yet. Added older back for compatability.
2/6/11 - Bug fixes and improvements
2/7/11 - Permanently set Gmail logo to the best image available
2/21/11 - Added horizontal nav bar padding to adjust for missing items in overflow
3/2/11 - Bug fixes including permanent larger logo
5/8/11 - Fixed bug that wasn't showing 'New Window', 'Print', etc. buttons
7/16/11 - Found and fixed some bugs
8/8/11 - More bug fixes
9/27/11 - Fixed floating menu bug


Unlike the screenshot below, your Gmail theme WILL NOT be changed.

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No Google Ads or Sponsored Links w/ Adjusted Pages
Facebook Tweaks: No Ads, Max. Width v3.0.7 BETA
Tweaks for Facebook - FriendFeed Style News
Google Home Page San Diego - No Ads & Streamlined - Hide Deleted Userstyles
Flickr Tweaks HD: No Ads, Wider Search Results
BigPond Sports - No Ads, Streamlined - Completely Stripped Down

GMAIL UI YOUR WAY for Chrome (still in development)
Facebook: No Ads, Max. Width 3.0 BETA WEBKIT - No Ads & Streamlined for CHROME

Google Home Page OS X Style Video Only

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