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Added by Edward Jones@userstyles, Created: Aug 02, 2016, Updated: Mar 22, 2017
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Dark mode for Google Drive.

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Note: It whitens the default-color text on 'Docs' documents, and it inverts all the colors on 'Sheets' documents. If you notice colors look weird in Sheets, that'll be why.

Sheets used to (fingers crossed) have a weird bug where if you use this style and write in a new cell, it'll weirdly color the cell (for both you and people who aren't using the style) – if you reset the color of the cell after writing in a new one, it should fix it, or if you only edit cells. It was in the parent style, and it should hopefully be fixed, but let me know if it recurs or if there are other glitches with editing cells on Sheets.

It also used to whiten all text on Docs, but has now been made to (hopefully) only whiten default-color ('#000000') text, list bullet points, and slightly change the default color of links for visibility. Unfortunately it is far more difficult to check if a snippet of text has a background color, so I can't selectively disable this when there is a background enabled. This is a new and potentially controversial change, so please provide me with feedback on it.

  • Fix header bar on the Drive homepage
  • Darken background of 'find' box in Sheets and Docs
  • Style disabled buttons appropriately
  • Darken selected-comment background
  • Fix header bar on the Drive homepage
  • Fix up some more colors on the left sidebar
  • Re-darken list view on Drive homepage
  • Re-darken grid view on Drive homepage
  • Re-darken left sidebar on Drive homepage
  • Re-darken search box on Drive homepage
  • Re-darken settings header on Drive homepage
  • Re-darken the header bar
  • Re-darken the header bar
  • Re-darken the header bar
  • Re-darken the file badge background in list view
  • Fix the tree view colors in the left sidebar of the Drive homepage
  • Attempt to only whiten default-color text in Docs (this is potentially controversial and may have issues – if you don't like it, give me feedback)
  • Slightly lighten the previously chosen default link color, fix link color in Firefox
  • Darken the sort buttons in grid view on the Drive homepage
  • Darken the background to the file badge thing when an item is selected in list view on the Drive homepage
  • Darken the link edit box in Docs
  • Fix the 'new' button on the Drive homepage
  • Redarken the header bar on the drive view
  • Fix search box on Drive homepage
  • Make the right info sidebar on the Drive list view not leave a bright mark when collapsing
  • Darken focused sidebar elements (on Drive homepage, with keyboard)
2016-12-18 (minor):
  • Darken comment badge on docs
  • Fix share 'can …' dropdown highlight color
  • Fix docs text style dropdown pop-out arrow color
  • Fix diff view to have darker backgrounds (make them 30% opacity)
  • Darken diff view sidebar
  • Fix 'back' button in diff view
  • Darken "share" dialog
  • Fix the email text in the header bar on documents
  • Darken "toast" box (appears on spreadsheets if you shrink your screen)
  • (Hopefully) fix the weird initial cell color in spreadsheets
  • Darken spreadsheet 'explore' sidebar; likewise for Docs 'explore' menu
  • Fix up some menu buttons
  • Fix keyboard shortcuts menu
  • Fix the 'share' popup on the drive homepage, and the dropdown when you hover over the share icon
  • Fix 'shared' icons in list view
  • Darken sidebar icons on Drive homepage
  • Fix selected sidebar items
  • Darken upload cancel prompt
  • Darken upload drag-drop overlay (at least on list view)
  • Darken upload list
  • Darken search details
  • Fix color of path buttons on hover
  • Fix header buttons (somewhat)
  • Do not apply dark mode to printing (this was requested – hopefully nobody is against this change?)
  • Fixed header bar (again?)
  • Darken drag-drop folder highlighting.
  • Re-darkened the header bar.
  • Darkened the settings menu.

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