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Saxamaphone !3.saxN0DHY presents:
3 Shades of 4chan (version 2.902)

3 Shades of 4chan is a dark like my soul userstyle that is fully featured and easy for night time viewing.
It is also a great place to look if you want to make your own 4chan userstyle and are not experienced.
It comes fully featured with support for different browsers and different extensions, add-ons and userscripts.

FIREFOX (3.6, 4 coming soon)
4CHROME (4chan plus coming soon)

4chan x (updater and ya4cie)
/b/ackwash reloaded
(4chan filter coming soon)

(the first to) ALSO STYLES THE CAPTCHA (as of 28'07'10) (adding buttons soon)

2012 NEW HTML - 4chan - Midnight Caek try this instead

More info
***--- Milestones ---***

1000 installs (22'08'10), very happy about that. Thanks everyone for your support and feedback! [/sarcasm]
1400 installs (20'11'10), despite the lack of feedback, thanks to anyone and everyone using my style or learning to make their own from it.
1 year strong (24'12'10), I've recently added a Paypal Donation button, please if you ever feel the need to get your account an even number by getting rid of a few dollars or cents, it'll mean a lot.
1800 installs (04'01'11), wow, suddenly picking up a lot of installs (~300 this week alone). Thank you for installing, don't forget - support and feedback only makes this style better!
2000 installs (19'01'11), thank you everyone for giving the style a chance. Support and feedback brings you a better style!

***--- SCREENSHOTS(better quality) ---***

***--- CREDITS + SUPPORT ---***
Please leave comments when you install with your thoughts and suggestions! I'd appreciate feedback (besides the HURR DURR TOO DARK) on how to improve this style.

If you have any questions with userstyles or using CSS with 4chan, please do not be afraid to ask either. Just leave a comment, or lure me on /g/ by starting a browser thread.

***--- CHANGELOG ---***
EDIT01 (27'12'09): Fixed spoiler tags.
EDIT02 (29'12'09): Made post area centered even on Yotsuba pages, instead of being more on the right like it normally is.
EDIT03 (09'02'10): Alright, complete rewrite of code. Posting area, /f/, /rs/ and Quick Reply are on the to-do list.
EDIT04 (16'02'10): Another rewrite, the basics of /f/ and /rs/ are done. Posting area is done. Submit and Browse button included. Quick Reply is really easily done, but I'll see how this goes.
EDIT05 (13'03'10): 'Thread Closed' now styled, [Return] buttons removed, Mods and Moot should stand out on the page, battles unicode abusers.
EDIT06 (14'03'10): Worked out a few kinks in the styling of the 4chan Extension. Still not entirely happy though, I might have to go back to it, but I doubt that. Special thanks to m9 too.
EDIT07 (18'06'10): Jeez I rarely use this style anymore (ironically cause it's too dark), but I'm bored and decided to pump in some support for /b/ackwash, 4chan X updater and 4chan X thread watcher.
EDIT08 (22'07'10): Major rewrite. Please let me know if anything doesn't work anymore. 4Chrome support is coming, but for now this style should work 100% with default 4chan Chrome.
EDIT09 (26'07'10): And there you have it. Full support for Firefox and Chrome. Also with 4chan Extension AND 4Chrome. Style will be updated in the future probably for ad blocking.
EDIT10 (28'07'10): Okay, hopefully now there is nothing wrong with Quick Replies and DIV.reply/SPAN.reply's. Also styles the new captcha to fit in with the rest of the style.
EDIT11 (30'07'10): Don't you love it when you upload the wrong version of the style? ya4cie fixed, hidden 4chan extension threads and [ o Spoiler Image? ] made the right colour.
EDIT12 (05'08'10): /rs/ is done! It might look a lil' misaligned but for the most part, it should work just fine. Frames also styled. Next up will probably be /f/ I guess...
EDIT13 (07'08'10): /f/ is done too along with /i/! With that, it is now time to finally start the front page and the text boards. Also adds a few little more tweaks and whatnot.
EDIT14 (23'08'10): 4chan counter is now supported.
EDIT15 (10'09'10): Post successful page is also done now. Really should get back to doing text boards but I'm working on other stuff at the moment.
EDIT16 (21'10'10): Tweaked out a few bugs that was present in 4chan 4chrome. Expect a rewrite soon, featuring floating post area and some better positioning.
EDIT17 (29'10'10): Updated to support 4chan x 1.5, re-adds support for 4chan counter.
EDIT18 (20'11'10): 4chrome updated, so I added support for Thread Watcher and Thread Hiding plus a few updates to 4chan x. Hoping to make a 3.0 version of 3So4 before Christmas that is a lot less redundant.
EDIT19 (29'12'10): Support for some new 4chan x features. Yeah yeah, 3.0 is coming, don't worry. (most likely 2011 though)
EDIT20 (04'01'11): Actually blocks all ads now. Working on a userstyles.org userstyle then I might come back here to get 3.0 started and finished.

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