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Original Style - Google Web Search - Dark Gray Theme (vC) by Valacar@userstyles.

Blue Version - Google - Dark Blue.

If you find any bug, please comment it with a screenshot, when it happens, on what google domain (.com,.ca,, etc..) and any other information, i will try to fix it.


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September 10 - Optimized to work with new instant search interfaz.

September 19 - Fixed a bug on google image logo when searching images.

September 21 - Fixed a bug on google image search page, header is not longer transparent.

September 23 - Fixed a bug on drop-down menus width and background color.

October 05 - Fixed a bug on google's home page logo when logged in.

October 11 - Added Support to Google Shopping, Google Forums and some other minor fixes.

November 01 - Random minor fixes.

December 13 - Restyle Google Preview Tool, Fixed some images problems.

January 04 - Removed green color box from search results page.

March 06 - Restyled the new white top bar.

March 27 - Fixed a bug where an horizontal scroll bar was appearing.

April 02 - Random minor fixes.

April 03 - Added https support.

April 15 - Minor fixes.

April 18 - Fixed a bug where every page starting with google was being restyled.

April 20 - Fixed some text color problems.

April 26 - Fixed google alerts page.

May 01 - Minor fixes.

May 16 - More Fixes.

May 20 - Fixed suggestions text color.

May 25 - Random minor fixes.

June 15 - Fixed suggestions text color ~again.

June 19 - Holidays Google logos now display properly.

June 24 - Fixed google images suggestions text color.

June 30 - Optimized to work with the new interface.

July 03 - Fixed Google Shopping main page, white spaces after every page on google images, search bar text color (Chrome) and search by image bg color.

July 16 - Fixed white top bar, google images and video logo.

July 21 - Restyled new google main logo (yea, it's new).

July 24 - Fixed double bar on Google Images.

July 28 - Fixed google main logo when instant search is off.

August 08 - Restyled new main logo again (yep, a new one again... that looks exactly like the old)

August 25 - Fixed google main logo problems on Firefox 3.6

September 16 - Restyled new about search bar.

September 20 - Restyled new main logo, removed google plus arrow.

October 27 - Fixed Google Logo and Preview Tool.

November 07 - Added https compatibility [for some reason all searches are now done through https]

November 18 - Fixed hover text color on searches + Minor Fixes.

November 20 - Restyled Google Safe Search menu + More minor fixes.

November 22 - Minor Fixes.

December 01 - Removed google plus message.

February 03 - {

Rewrote code from scratch [from 620 lines to 282].

Dropped compatibility with EVERYTHING but Web Search, Image Search, Video Search and News + Shopping [Search Only].

Dropped compatibility with all google domains but .com, .ca, and [to use another domain, edit the source code and add it].

Optimized for the new Google Interface [Randomly shows up].

Retrocompatibility with the current Google Interface.


February 04 - Added domain, please report any forgotten english domain, non-english domains needs to be added manually.

February 05 - Fixed Google's small logo on searches.

February 06 - Fixed some text color problems.

February 07 - Fixed visited quick links [top bar] color.

February 09 - Added .ie domain, some text color fixes.

February 11 - Restyled [PDF] text color.

February 17 - Fixed gray header issue.

February 23 - Fixed white line on searches, hover color on Sign/Name button.

February 24 - Random minor fixes.

March 05 - More random fixes [People and Pages on Google+ table, left menu lines color, instant preview background animation ~thanks to luckymouse, etc...]

April 17 - Removed squares that were showing on searches, restyled non-plus users profile info box, restyled instant search overlay loading color to match more the style [~thanks to luckymouse]

May 01 - Removed white line on searches + Minor random fixes.

December 03 - After six months of doing nothing: Removed specific domains support, added dynamic domain support (this should make the style work on every google domain)[~Thanks @grom, you're the man], Fixed on searches: White line, logo, right blocks of info/links [some of them], and everything i could spot at first glance.

December 03:2 - Added back domain to prevent the style being miscategorized [~Thanks @hideheader]

December 11 - Restyled Info/Dictionary Block on Searches, Fixed white top bar and logo when searching an image.

December 22 - Fixed white background blinking while typing on the search box.

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