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Added by Daniel Ritchie (Honestly Illustrated)@userstyles, Created: Oct 20, 2007, Updated: Feb 05, 2010
With the style applied



version: 0.3.0


Global style for all forms. HTTP (text) forms are colored grey. HTTPS (encrypted text) forms are colored dark green. Forms which appear on HTTPS pages, but are submitted to HTTP pages, appear in red with yellow outlines, to remind you that this form text will not be encrypted.

Most of the CSS selectors are prefixed with "html:root > body", giving their properties priority over most anything else, but other properties can still be applied (such as by another, existing userstyle) without matching these selectors. For instance, I avoided "background:", so that property overrides this style.

Before Screenshot: Unencrypted form template.

After Screenshot: Encrypted EVE Online sign-in. Notice the red Search box. It is red because it submits to an unencrypted destination.


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Applies to:
http://, https://

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