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This is my ongoing first attempt at a GameFOX theme. I started with darkgreenclassic and made changes that made it look better to me. When you use this theme in GameFOX, check the box beside "Disable Main Stylesheets on GameFAQs".

I changed the green to a shade that I prefer. I added the "example theme" that spynae made. I made the quick post box bigger. It is now the same size as the messages and it lines up with them on the right.

I'm still looking for the notes I wrote on exactly what changes I made. When I find them, I'll post more details here.


More info
15 February 2008 update

I added two more sets of codes at the end of this style sheet. They are for removing the "reset" and "preview and spellcheck" buttons below the quick post box.

You can reset what is written in the quick post box by reloading the page or by highlighting what is written and deleting that, so the reset button really isn't needed. The spell check using the one by GameFAQs, which is not customizable. It's better to use a spell check that you can customize so you can add words you know are spelled correctly but that GFAQs says are not. The preview button without GFAQs spellcheck is still there.

If you want the reset button displayed, remove these lines.

/* removal of reset button by spynae */
input[type="reset"] { display: none; }

If you want the Preview and Spellcheck button to be displayed then take these lines out.

/* removal of Preview and Spellcheck Message button by spynae */
input[value="Preview and Spellcheck Message"] { display: none; }

5/21/2008 Update (Removed the Track Topic button.)
If you want the Track Topic button to be displayed then take these lines out.
/* removal of Track Topic button by kirsybuu */
display: none !important;

I use this other style (not mine) with this one to have topic highlighting. GameFOX Default for Classic View


1 September 2008 updated for new board URL.

30 May 2009 Update
The "create new topic" page is now working again. The game link navigation under the board name is also in the correct space again.

There is still some more work to be done to get the platform search in the correct space.


14 July 2009 Added links to updated screenshots.

Board list.

Topic list.

Message list.


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