merfyFox - a truly minimalist theme for Firefox.

Added by Caspid@userstyles, Created: Jul 04, 2011, Updated: Apr 08, 2013
With the style applied


This is the absolute fastest and prettiest way to browse! Get rid of all the fluff; you don't need it. Weclome to a new browser style with a metric ton of aesthetic and highly functional improvements:
* Absolute maximization of screen real estate
* Hide the orange button
* Remove link underlines
* Add a keyword when adding a bookmark
* Remove titlebar
* Transparent menubar
* Remove "List All Tabs" button
* Remove tab scroll arrows
* Autohidden, stylized address bar and search bar
* New tab style
* Nonintrusive, minimalistic scrollbars
* Only show address bar icons when you need them
* and much more!

Please only use if you're competent (ie, use keyboard shortcuts).
Disable all toolbars and buttons but the Navigation Toolbar, and use Tabs on Top.

More info

2012-09-10 tweaked address bar icons for click-to-play and secure websites

2012-08-19 add bookmark dialog tweaks

2012-03-10 i forget but i think i changed something

oh i remember - adjusted for thinner window borders in latest Nightly. added scrollbar - i call it the merfyBar

2012-01-23 added a nifty animation to the address bar

2011-12-23 ...something? works with Nightly 12.0a1

2011-09-16 styled loading and unread tabs (9.0a1)

2011-09-11 something

2011-08-28 changes

2011-08-15 Autohidden URLbar! Use w/ tabs on top.

Please know how to use keyboard shortcuts.

Use with the Firefox Default theme with tabs on the bottom.

1. Enable the Default theme in the Add-ons Manager (Ctrl+Shift+A).

2. Right-click tab bar, CHECK "Tabs on Top".

3. Hide the Menu Bar and Bookmarks Toolbar (View -> Toolbars).

4. Install

5. Enjoy!

Working on the latest official build, Nightly 12.0a1 and Waterfox 9.0.1.

Applies to:
all URLs

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