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This is a refinement and/or replacement for my 'MySpace Homepage 2011' script, now deleted.

From the Notes for previous version 'MySpace Homepage 2011'... "It's been a long while since anyone has had a go at prettifying the MySpace homepage. Possibly because there are so few of us left, and MySpace do tend to keep moving the goalposts! This script has proved popular as the basis of a 'training exercise' via my MySpace blog. I have been VERY ruthless about what I've removed and what I've left in! A number of features I personally consider useless (curators recommendations, all of the celebrity guff), while others are wildly misleading or just plain WRONG. I figured that if they are broken, why bother to have them on YOUR homepage at all?"

This script will remove all the useless stuff and leave your homepage clean and functional!

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This has been thoroughly tested on Firefox 4 and Google Chrome.

2011/05/25 - original version of "MySpace Homepage 2011" uploaded.

2011/05/27 - slightly tweaked, as I think MS have changed a couple of things on the 'Global' toolbar. I've also been playing with the background colour.

2011/05/30 - added option for bitmap 'wallpaper' background. Works best on a widescreen monitor for the full benefit! - Thanks to "CC" for the inspiration!

2011/06/04 - MySpace have changed the menu bar yet again this week, so I've slightly amended the script for blocking the dysfunctional "Requests" alert (It seemed to be permanently telling me that I have half-a-dozen requests, but the folder is always empty! Useless!). "SEB" reports that some new adverts have appeared on the Blogs pages. As far as I can see, AdBlockPlus is still doing an admirable job at removing them, but I've added a line of script here to remove the empty boxes left behind.

2011/06/05 - The updates are coming thick and fast now! A little bit 'extracurricular' as far as the original remit of this script goes - but I have included some lines in the "domain" section of the code to improve the BLOGS pages. I've made the content fill the page, having previously purged that right-hand column of unsolicited adverts. Thanks to Seb for the suggestion.

2011/08/20 - Firefox just updated to v6 - Shock Horror! It isn't STYLISH compatible!!! So I tidied up the code a little to make it more Chrome compatible. It also readily converts to a CSS file so that you can apply the styling to Safari and Opera. There is a 'drastic' new section for removing EVERYTHING on the Log-In page EXCEPT the black menu bar. You can still log-in from there. Skip this bit if you thinkI've gone too far :-)

2011/09/19 - A few little typographic tweaks:- For some reason, MySpace have changed some of the fonts; the Hyperlinks were no longer displayed in bold - I've restored it so that linked usernames in the stream are bold; there was no spacing around the avatar pics, so they butt up against the text; the Notifications Module had acquired some grey outlines (I couldn't get rid of those, so I've changed to a darker colour). I've restored the "Events" section, even though I don't use it, and adjusted the width of the module so that it once again lines up with the "Super Container"... The stream tabs ('Live' and 'Highlights') no longer make a difference - you get highlights whether you want it or not. So I've removed them altogether (They're not there at all on the 'new' homepage!)

2011/09/26 - I've slightly changed the code for the background tile fill. MySpace has been suffering from a peculiar 'page lag' (especially on Chrome), whereby sometimes the homepage's background fill runs over onto profile pages as well (logically, it shouldn't but it does!). I've changed "div.layout" to transparent, so that the background shows through. I also fancied a change, so I've changed the tile itself. You can, of course, still use one of your own, or use a plain colour fill by replacing [.userHome {background: url("")!important;}] with [.userHome {background-color:#??????!important;}] where [#??????] is the six-digit RGB value.

###### "MySpace Homepage 2011" had a total of 84 downloads... Now deleted ######

2011/10/14 - New version of script, superseding "MySpace Homepage 2011". Added option of customizing hyperlink colours, 3D 'drop-shadow' effect around the stream's Comment Containers, fixed changes to Notifications Module.

2011/10/15 - Whoops! I fixed one or two typos I spotted since yesterday!

2011/10/25 - MS introduced some slight design changes to the stream menus. I fixed the background colour to the horizontal menu and added a line to fix the relative position of the "friend categories" dropdown.

2011/12/14 - I hear told that a new version of the Homepage has everything displayed in a smaller font (I haven't seen this for myself, we don't have those changes here yet). It is therefor necessary to SPECIFY the font and size in your scripts, if you want everything to be a nice legible 12px on your stream and comments boards... a couple of lines added to the "activityStreamModule" and "commentContainer" bits!


2012/01/17 - I've added some code to change the colour of the homepage's menu bar ("Global Header") to a nice shade of blue (Just like it used to be - remember?). I've also introduced OPACITY to the main body of the homepage so that you can let the background pattern show through. This works particularly well with the "swimming pool" effect that I've given it now.

2012/01/29 - fixed one little "bug"... I noticed that by hiding the "checkerLightBG" element at the foot of all MS pages, I'd accidentally made the UPLOAD buttons on the VIDEOS and PHOTOS pages. Whoopsadaisy!

2013/06/01 - I'm not sure if anyone else is still using this version of the homepage, but this is the one I still use. For the rest of you, please try Minty Blue Minimalism V3. I have now tweaked this v2 to run on my Linux version of Firefox as well, and very nice it looks too!

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