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Google 8pt v2.2

Added by PhiloHippus@userstyles, Created: Mar 11, 2006, Updated: May 21, 2012


Do you want a sleeker, cleaner, more minimalistic layout for google products, which to boot even gives your more room for content? This style is for you!

Affects all things google, be it gmail, search, google+, groups, reader, news, whatever.

The style is simple and straightforward, it just makes google use the same font-size for everything, so if you find the size too small just edit at your leisure.

This style also used to be called "Google Tahoma" but I've since renamed it to "Google 8pt" and removed the font-family setting.

More info
- Streamlined minimalistic look with single font size and face applied everywhere, improving readability and visual processing of large volumes of information
- Expands width of search results in standard web search, permitting one liner text snippets
- Removes "invite a friend" box in GMail.
NOTE: By default this is deactivated because you have to confirm in what order your invite a friend box appears in gmail's nav column. By default the style will hide the second box in the left nav column. To activate the feature delete comment marks in respective section, right at the bottom. If your invite a friend box is the third box element in the nav column, add another "+ div.T0.pp" to the selector, right behind the "{". If it's the fourth element, add "+ div.T0.pp + div.T0.pp", and so on. There are other styles in this site that claim to remove the box outright without this tinkering but they leave an ugly spacer line behind. To completely remove the box, this is necessary.

v0.8 - added a fix to the new google maps layout. Added Sans as secondary font, for some linux compatibility.
v0.9 - added a fix for picasa gallery view, still a bit dodgy though, would appreciate input from more experienced CSSer. Thanks for pointing this out.
v1.1 - further tweaking due to picasa gallery errors (was producing 8pt tall images in gallery view. worked around it by setting a fixed width, but thumbnail size slider will not work)
v1.2 - replaced lengthy list of HTML tags with just plain "*". Thanks for the tip ! Added "text-decoration: none" to the main section. I feel it adds to the clean and sleek look of this style, but if you miss text underlining in some google areas just delete this line.
v1.3 - added fix for the width of sender and date columns in GMail message list (was truncated).
v1.4 - updated some classes to match latest gmail.
v1.5 - added url-prefix(javascript:) to moz-doc, by ChoGGi@userstyles
v1.7 - fixed search result previews overflowing page width
v2.0 - fixed several small issues with new Google maps layout
v2.1 - added feature to hide invite friend box in gmail

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