New visual editor - use your fantasy and a mouse to create the styles

Meet our new visual editor! Now you can create user styles with ease even if you do not have profound knowledge of CSS. Just follow these simple steps:

  • go to site you want to restyle;
  • use main FreeStyler menu to create new style for this site;
  • select elements on the page and change its appearance: change font, colors, hide or move elements in few clicks with visual editor panel.

Style will be saved automatically. You can also share your new style with the community by uploading it to FreeStyler.WS catalog.

You can find detailed documentation about new editor here:

If you want to switch back to the full-featured style CSS editor, click "Code editor" button and also check out the corresponding option in the Styles manager.

Please note that our new editor at the moment is available in FreeStyler for Chrome only.



  • The substance in the visual slotxo supervisor is styled by the CSS (a sort of code that gives HTML styling, for example, shading, dividing, width, and so forth) of the topic that you pick. What you find in the manager may not actually coordinate the live site. If it's not too much trouble utilize the Preview catch to check how the post or page looks on the live site.
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