jira 7 (>= 6.1) compact theme

Added by Hubbitus@userstyles, Created: Apr 11, 2015, Updated: Mar 04, 2017
  • With the style applied
  • Style of dashboard in 3 column (aaa layout)
  • Style of dashboard in 2 column (ba layout)
  • Threaded comments with bug fix (if plugin present)


Compact most things of Jira (>=6.1 up to 7.1.9):
* Dashboards 3 and 2 columns layouts
* Issues
* Issues filters, list, search views.

More description and screenshots you may found at https://github.com/Hubbitus/jira-compact.user.css

More info
I use Jira in my day job. It very good famous and extensible bug tracker. But even I use wide monitor additionally to notebook their design seems to me very sprawling.

That style was born several month when I tried there and there reduce elements and spaces between, move description right, highlight title and key fields like status…

100 words have worth less than example looks (for simplicity and easy distinguishing I will show screenshots of original Jira in Firefox and in Chromium with that style applied)

2017-03-04 Fix main task description edit with issue
2017-02-27 Decrease labels padding for dashboards, smaller issue-list action button, fix issues sub-list line doubling due to the icons
2017-02-17 Fix scrolling and tune some other styles like icons in issues search left navigation list
2017-02-17 Compact also Epic issues list in issue
2017-02-17 Fix height of buttons and menus on issue like "edit", "comment", "assign"…
2017-02-09 Issues sub-list correct percentage column style
2017-02-01 Fix linked issues sub-list always full
2017-01-24 Compact dates in dashboards widgets
2017-01-16 Fix row ordering arrows in one line in sub-tasks list. Compact (v) sign on completed sub-tasks
2016-07-26 Show linked issues full list
2016-07-21 Compact style also pie-chart on dashboard
2016-07-12 Fix issue with time spent/remaining bars in sub-tasks
2016-07-12 In sub-tasks task list arrows for reordering place in one line to decrease height
2016-07-11 Allow wrap labels in td
2016-07-04 Update to fresh Jira styling of dashboards.
2016-06-02 Format editable fields and icons
2016-05-31 Fix sub-tasks list and editing area.
2016-04-15 Fix line height (introduced by previous font size change). Add terms (code, kbd, tt) highlight.
2016-04-14 Change main font to slightly large (x-small -> small) to normal distinguish bold. Fix editable for Jira version 6.4.11

Applies to:
^https?://[^\/]+/browse/.*, ^https?://[^\/]+/secure/Dashboard.jspa.*

Related styles:

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