Microsoft Edge Style Menu For Firefox | 仿Edge菜单

Added by Charisma@userstyles, Created: Dec 13, 2015, Updated: Aug 08, 2016
  • With the style applied
  • Sytled userChrome Mix popup menu
  • none styled PlacesToolbar popupmenu
Styled Bookmark/应用到书签工具栏
Styled textbox contextarea menu
Styled Stylish popupmenu/应用到Stylish的弹出菜单
Styled toolbarbutton popup menu|应用到工具按钮弹出菜单
Somethings you don't care about|不用管
Hide Menu Icon/隐藏菜单图标
Border Shadow/边框阴影
Disabled Menu BgColor When hover or active|已禁用菜单滑过效果
Adatped Checkbox&Radio
Adjust Radio&Checkbox|调整Checkbox和Radio的位置
Menu max width(px)/菜单最大宽度(单位px)


Make your menu look like edge on Windows 10

This style is for FIREFOX only, obviously.

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Thing you should know:
  1. tested on Windows 10(Locale zh_cn) via pcxFirefox42.0 (worked flawlessly,almost every FF version change some code that breaks some things of this style,if happens,you can email me)
  2. I seldom use Chrome.
  3. a comment? YES. Just be objetive, not subjetive.
Update notes:
  1. 2015.03.11 Change diabled menus background to transparent and fix font color for lastpast menus
  2. 2015.08.08 Fix a problem
  3. 2015.12.31 Fix a bug(always resetting width)
  4. 2015.12.25 Adjust Lastpass menuitem text color when mouse hover
  5. 2015.12.23 Adapted to checkboxs and radios and add some options
  6. 2015.12.19 Fix userChrome Mix popupmenu Alignment and BMB popupmenus styles
  7. 2015.12.16 Fix some bugs.
  8. 2015.12.14 First Release.

Applies to:
all URLs

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