TorrentFreak (Better, Wider, Darker) 2011

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Wish Torrentfreak was Wider?
Hate the new TorrentFreak design?
Wish TorrentFreak was Darker?
Old Torrentfeak CSS style broken?


Also, they will be making changes to the new theme over time I believe,
so please report any bugs you come across in the discussions below.

More info
• Jan 16th 2011
• Jan 17th 2011
-Changed colors of "Top 10 Most Downloaded Films on BitTorrent" table.
-Removed border from share box.
• Jan 21st 2011
-Fixed background colors on Author pages
-Fixed a few Margin-bugs where text was being cut off in some spots.
-Changed default avatar*
-Special avatar for writers when they post in comments (*
• Jan 23rd 2011
-Fixed another Margin-error where a few letters got cut off in an article.
• Jan 24th 2011
-Code for special avatar for writers changed a bit, it was only showing for Ernesto. Should work for everyone now.*
-Added a default color for comments box for notes team adds when there are complications to comment system.*
• Jan 26th 2011
-Moved header image to new image server, is shutting down. :(
(May convert to Base64 in future.)
-Did some new coding for current comments system (wider, prettier, fully functioning now)
• Jan 27th 2011
-Refinements made to comment system coding
-All images converted to Base64
-Styled "Community Box"
• Jan 28th 2011
-Added some fixed link colors since TF keeps changing them.
• Feb 2nd 2011
-Fixed background for "Comments for this page are closed."
• February 5th, 2011
-Added IP address to domains list since many people are using only IP addresses due to ICE domain seizures.
• April 7th, 2011
-Removed IP address since it now points to a 403 forbidden page. Added .eu domain.
-Fixed user avatar placement at top of comments near article "Like" buttons.
• April 14th, 2011
-Removed advertisement on TorrentFreak Bits pages.
-Removed small broken text links at the bottom of Bits pages as well.
(^This change^ could cause some problems, so I am testing it. Basically it removes all text with a font size of 1.) Let's see how it goes ¯\(°_o)/¯
-Blockquote text color for comments changed to something a bit more readable.
• April 17th, 2011
-Fixed a minor margin error on author pages.
• May 6th, 2011
-Fixed a background & font color issue with post/reply tips below comment box.
• October 19th, 2011
-Added a quick (cheap) hack to make sure Disqus comments don't get cut-off at the right as easily.
-Pulled Disqus "logout" link to the left by 30px because it was cutoff a bit as well.

* denotes an irrelevant change because the feature has been removed or changed.

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