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For users with 1600x900 resolution or lower
Choose your resolution...or not.


For those of us who are not yet on OS X Lion or are using Windows, here's a cool UserScript that will mimic the iOS scrollbars in your browser REGARDLESS OF PLATFORM! It's called, NiceScroll Refined -- -- and it was inspired by the jQuery plugin, NiceScroll. Firefox users must install the Scriptish or Greasemonkey add-on before installing this script. Chrome users can install the script natively or with the Tampermonkey extension.

***** For WEBKIT browsers, use Facebook: No Ads, Max. Width 3.0 BETA WEBKIT *****

Time of Last Update - 12:49pm Los Angeles, CA USA PST

*** Please be sure to "Like", "+1", etc. my style if you use it! ***

======= PROPS =======

These BETA styles were inspired by Facebook - Remove Ads, Adjust Content Width by Nathan Hammond@userstyles.

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======= LATEST NEWS =======

IF YOU FIND A BUG, LET ME KNOW! PLEASE DO NOT RATE BASED ON BUGS! Remember, I'm coding according to the many different resolutions out there. The quickest way to get it fixed is to tell me (in the forums) where it's occurring and I will fix it ASAP! Also, PLEASE PROVIDE A SCREENSHOT OF THE BUG as it makes it easier to know what's happening.

======= BE SURE TO GIVE PROPS =======

I don't mind if copy any part of my style. ALL I ASK is that you give me credit--e.g. just type the following into your style's description: "This style was inspired by style [3][6][1][5][1] by user [1][7][0][3][1]" (without the "quotes" and without the [brackets] that surround the numbers)--when you publish the style you made with my code.

======= JUST A REMINDER =======

I am a FREQUENT UPDATER; be sure to UPDATE OFTEN. Bug fixes are frequent and not always noted in the change log. Always refer to the "Time of Last Update" for the most recent version.

COMPATIBILITY ISSUES: Before posting a comment in the forum about an issue, disable all other styles to find which one it's conflicting with, let me know the style and I'll create a custom fix for you in the forum.

======= INSTRUCTIONS =======


======= CHANGES, UPDATES & BUG FIXES =======
10/13 - 2 YEARS OF UPDATES LATER, FINALLY, The Launch of v2.0 BETA -- 8:46pm, Los Angeles, CA (GMT -0800)
10/14 - Fixes for new Pop Out box on individual post pages
10/15 - Photo album page fixes
10/17 - News feed bug fixes and events page content now full width
10/19 - Still tweaking with the new pop out windows
10/19 - Pop out windows fixed! Now fixing multi-resolution support for the right column
10/19 - Fixed most of the multi-resolution bugs. If you find any, let me know!
10/26 - News feed bug fixes
10/29 - Implemented tweaks submitted by ! Still working on pic tag bugs!
11/1 - Bug fixes
11/2 - More bug fixes
11/5 - Right Column on Left Side on Home Page fixes
11/5 - Temp. fix for group page layouts
11/17 - Fix the side ticker news popout...again! The problem is the mutating class Facebook uses for the popout.
11/18 - Tiny newsfeed bug fix
11/24 - Another newsfeed bug fix. HOPE EVERYONE HAS A HAPPY TURKEY DAY!!!
11/27 - STILL WORKING ON SIDE POPOUT!!! Fixed news ticker on home page when sidebar is closed
12/14 - Finally got my laptop back! Currently working on all the issues everyone's reported to me. More updates to follow...
12/16 - Site wide fix for news feed close / audience selector buttons
12/20 - News feed bug fix
2/17 - Added New Styles by RESOLUTION
2/22 - Made some fixes
2/28 - Fixed timeline side scrubber issue
3/5 - Fixed a couple bugs for 1920x1200 resolutions
3/16 - Found and fixed a bug in 1920x1200 resolutions
3/21 - Fixed right column bugs for 1920x1200
4/23 - Added 1680x1050 support
5/25 - Updates for 1680x1050
7/15 - Added updates for 1680x1050, which is the same for users who have the iMac 20"
7/15 - Added updates for 1920x1200 resolution

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===== FIREFOX =====
No Google Ads or Sponsored Links w/ Adjusted Pages
Tweaks for Facebook - FriendFeed Style News
Google Home Page San Diego - No Ads & Streamlined - Hide Deleted Userstyles
Flickr Tweaks HD: No Ads, Wider Search Results
BigPond Sports - No Ads, Streamlined - Completely Stripped Down

===== CHROME =====
GMAIL UI YOUR WAY for Chrome (still in development)
Facebook: No Ads, Max. Width 3.0 BETA WEBKIT - No Ads & Streamlined for CHROME

===== CROSS-PLATFORM =====
Google Home Page OS X Style Video Only

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