Userstyles TableView+Enhancer - Dark-Grey v.92

Added by decembre@userstyles, Created: Nov 22, 2011, Updated: Apr 16, 2017


▶ It's (or just better) FOR A WIDESCREEN : (1920x1080)!
- STYLES PREVIEWS (for GM) : Right
- MENU - Vertical (in Top Bar on Hover)
- FORUM Support too...

▶ Compatible with :
- Greasy Fork
- (GM) [TS] Citrus GFork
- (GM) GreasyFork script icon (https)

▶ Adaptation to use too with these 2 GreaseMonkey scripts,
but work without them :
Or (better)

HERE my Working Backup of it (https corrections):

▶ IMPORTANT, For GM "Table View Plus" :
- Chose these Table Options:
Unchek: "Brown / Tan Theme"
Unchek: "Show Nav Links in Sidebar"

More info
▶ Please Comment and give Feedback if you like this Style :-)
▶ About Scrollbars :
For Slims and Dark ScrollBars , i use :
▷ Better compatibility with My Dark Gray Styles :

▶ Work too with :
▶ Compatible with these Greasemonkey Scripts:


Compatible with my Userstyles :

▶ About "Table View Plus" :
The script is unpublished by Srazzano :

Where to find this script ?: (Previous version, that i use).
HERE my Working Backup of it (https corrections):
▶ My settings are :
✔ Checked :
. Show Table Filter in sidebar
✘ Unchecked:
. Show Nav Links" in Sidebar
. Enable theme for header and left sidebar
(IMPORTANT : Unchek too "Brown / Tan Theme" in Table Options) .

- Work on Corrections about new/different design between and GreasyFork (in forums by example or the top header (background color) ...)

- More Pubs deleted
- Style Sets in Userstyles Infos pages
- Correction for Userstyles Top Advanced Search (Still a little problem when not use of GM "Table View Plus")
- Correction for No Userscript in Use for GreasyFork/Userstyles and Small Screen
- Correction for GreasyFork Top Search Form in Scripts list
- Correction for SET Menu in Scripts list
- Correction for Left Panel (GreasyFork different than Userstles)
- Correction for the "More" Menu in to navbar of Greasyfork
- Style the "language selector locale" (GreasyFork - Top Navbar menu) to became shorter...
- Better Script / Userstyles info and listing pages
- Compatibility with :

What does This Userstyle (in short)? :
Support Logged or not Logged, With or Without GM scripts....
but if log off it's good only for wide screen

▶ Support WideScreen (1920x1080) and Small screen .
Simple and Informative and Reorganized Style :
- Dark/Grey Global Flat Style
- MOSAIC presentation, if not logged or Without GM or pages not affected by them:
. 2 BIG + 3 SMALL + 3 SMALL + 2 BIG Blocks by Row ( Account Page without GM or Pages not affected by them or Not logged)
. 3 SMALL Blocks by Row (Search without GM or Not Logged)
- General Header, Menus and Pagination : Fixed (stay in place on scroll)
- "Show Code" button : Fixed and Move to the top right corner of the Long description
- Code Preview window: Height fixed and Scroll Bar
- Search option : Reorganized and adjust for the 2 scripts in top header
- Search Results Tables : Zebra Tables.
- PopUp Preview (for GM) : always on the right side
Forum reorganized and styled :
- Panels and Pagination on the right, Discuss on the left.
- Star icon restyled and visible in discussions too (near pagination and between the 2 left Panels). :
all credits to : mod_wastrel@userstyles

MENUS Compact and reorganized :
- Moved to the left in the Top Header and show menu items on Hover .

- Panels Infos : Reorganized, styled :background/txt color etc ...
- Code : Show Code Button and Code Popup :
follow the resize of the windows for better compatibility with small screens.
- Show Code Box :
fixed on the right of the screen and scrollable to be more usable for small and large screen.
- Preview Screenshot (for GM) :
Fixed and moved on the Right side, the Preview stay open still you hover on an other Preview Icon.
- Deleted Style : Message re-styled(Speech Bubble...) and moved.

Author Infos Panel + "Related Themes"(left Panel , under account Button) :
- Improve the style with a Author Icon User "♟" added + BIG Author Name
- Send "Private Message" : moved Top Left (near User Name), TXT replaced by an "✉ " ICON + Tooltip on hover

ALL USERSTYLES LIST (compatibility for the 2 GM) :
- Table Options Button in Search and Styles infos pages(For Table View Plus):
Replaced by an Icon, moved to the TOP /Right of the page (under "
- Search Simple + Advanced Options :
Moved on Top Right Side And Compact
Only with one line with :
- Advanced Search And Back Buttons reorganized in a TOGGLE way :
if you click on "Advanced" button, the "Back" button take its place...
- Search Options :
width , position / font size , color etc...
- Filter Block(for Table View Plus) :
move Top right , under SEARCH block.
- Statistics and Last Check in top header (Use Hover to show the date since the Stats Keeper work)
- Summa"R"y(for Table View Plus) and Su"M"mary (on Hover for Usertyle.or Enhancer) :
Move in the Top header.
- Obsolete Style : Yellow/Brown Strip Background (actions block)

- MOSAIC presentation (when not logged or no GM:
3 SMALLS Blocks By Row.
- Summa"R"y(for Table View Plus) or Su"M"mary (for Enhancer) : Position/Hover
>> ACCOUNT and Not Affected by GM scripts Pages :
- MOSAIC presentation:
2 BIG + 3 SMALLS + 3 SMALLS + 2 BIG Blocks By Row.

FORUM reorganized :
- New : Direct Pencil Icon top edit your post.
- Header, Tabs (e.g. "Categories") , Buttons(e.g. "Start a new Discussion"), Lists , Comments , Links, etc (Better style )
- Discussion Panel + Fav Star Action Bookmark Move to the left (better compatibility for small screen)
- Pagination move to the left side , between the 2 panels.
- Favs Star : Now visible in Discussion List
- Search Form : moved to the LEFT above PANELS and delete the redundant one (top right) in Forum Search pages
- File Attachment(PDF / TXT etc...): Counter Thumbnails , Small generic Icon with type indicator

- Supp some Adds if you don't use Adblock Plus (+Social Barre styled, Titles , Last checked)
- MINI-SOCIAL BAR (NO Facebook / Twitter) :
. in Header(near " title), in Search Page
. under Preview, In Style Infos Page.

- SAVE button fixed in the left Side,

Applies to:,,, More »
CC0 1.0 Universal.
decembre@userstyles has waived all copyright and related or neighboring rights to Userstyles TableView+Enhancer - Dark-Grey v.92, to the extent allowed by law.

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