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A dark style for the International Correspondence Chess Federation which retains chess board use (kind of essential there).

More info
Version 0.3.7
Consists of minor colour changes and a replaced background image for a darker theme.
Draws heavily from the site's original CSS files.

A full change log is available in the git log at github.com.
A larger and clearer screenshot is also available here:


To be perfectly honest, though, I suspect it will only ever have one user: me. Still, on the off chance that I'm wrong here it is. Continued development is on github here:


Chances are github will still get more frequent updates, but that's because it's github and not any specific release policy or requirement. Github also has branches dealing with the attempts to make minor board modifications to make the board coordinates easier to read, the board64 branch is working, but there are still problems with the other board sizes which prevent that being merged with the master branch.

Some users might still prefer to load the image(s) locally. In that case the thing to do is download the images from github and then update the relevant lines to use a local file: address instead of the github https: address. The specifics will vary with each OS. For Linux and OS X users, I suggest a hidden directory in $HOME. Either that or a base64 conversion in the CSS file.

0.2 update: able to source the images directly off raw.githubusercontent.com, which means getting rid of the base64 encoded images and thus reducing the file size. Which means no more ridiculous maintaining of two versions and all is right in the world again, well, except for Tony Abbott, but I've got a Python script to address that and it's very unsafe for work ...

0.3 update: fixed the board coordinates by modifying the background colour for those small sections only. Using the tan background colour there makes it look like the board is just slightly larger and does not require modification of any of the board images. This is probably the best possible solution given what needs to be worked with on the site.

0.3.1 and 0.3.2 updates: Coordinate fixes for when making a move.

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