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A compilation of tweaks and design changes for

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- remove story height adjustments
- remove vendor prefixes
- remove text-rendering property

- redo forum stuff

- adjusted media type column width in library
- show character images first on anime pages

- fixed background colours

- adjusted profile icon positions again
- removed settings

- emoji adjustments
- apps page adjustments
- hide Chrome button outlines on the forums
- adjusted some forum stuff to be consistent with the latest version of Discourse
- show full forum bio
- fixed logo on error pages
- adjusted genre/studio spacing on anime/manga pages
- darker featured quote

- adjusted icon positions in profile/group about panel
- adjusted height of titles in quick update
- removed backup fonts in font stack
- adjusted tooltips on anime pages
- user card in reviews and PRO purchase card no longer float
[Merged Forum Stuff]
- restyled forum links
- fixed avatars in embedded posts
- other stuff

- tweaks to forum profile
- allow scrolling when modals extend outside screen
- add
- add forum category badges to same line as topic title

- square > circle avatars
- fixed forum category badges
- forum adjustments

- removed cursor/theme options
- updated fonts and added Lato Bold
- fully removed old manga pages and chat styles
- add spacing between genres and studios
- show character images on manga pages
- fix images in forum polls
- temporary fix for posters on manga pages
- other minor fixes

- restrict width of media in group description
- set fixed dimensions for broken group member avatars

- moar adjustments
- styled groups

- more tooltip adjustments
- add image fade-in to favourites/mini user covers
- adjust spacing on dropdowns
- some adjustments for the new forum update

- set fixed height on "liker" avatars
- fixed searchbar styling interfering with favourites search
- remove modified quick update gradient
- adjust position of tooltip on "likers"
- change community logo on forums
- put category badges on the same line as the topic title

- cleaned up old stuff
- disabled chat styles
- change colour of remove button on stories
- fix notification styling
- adjust search width
- adjust spacing above/below content
- add transitions to some buttons
- style dropdown menus on anime pages
- prevent cast names from overflowing
- style edit button on profile page
- increase poster size in feed stories and on anime pages
- changed colour of dislike button on reviews
- changed colour of episode update button in quick update panel
- add temporary fixes for manga pages

- add WOFF2 support

- fix image scaling in feed posts/replies
- fix broken avatars in replies
- adjust review quotes
- hide loading spinner
- add formatting option for userscript

- make winter theme optional
- change colour of image download button (forums)
- darken/fade edit button on anime pages
- tweak apps page
- add spacing to dashboard
- fix irregular avatar thumbs in followed stories
- add spacing to studio list on anime page
- adjust avatar tooltip in list of likes(likers?)

- added snowflakes
- changed forums logo and tweaked main site logo
- adjusted forum navbar controls
- added transitions to links, buttons, etc.
- fixed height of user card content
- removed border on user badges
- adjusted searchbox size
- removed box shadow on focused input boxes

- changed synopsis font size
- adjusted footer spacing
- darkened anime 'edit page' button
- minor adjustments to edit modal

- minor fixes

- styled new anime pages

- fix forum bio height on new user cards
- remove indents in input boxes
- fix start page background (when not logged in)
- adjusted bottom spacing on some pages
- removed background on active profile navigation tab
- fixed library spacing, dropdowns, background gradient, etc.

- some temporary fixes for broken forum styles

- add font fallback for missing characters

2014-11-04 (Part 2)
- fixed main forum navbar (more like default Discourse)
- fixed spacing in category and user sections on forum homepage
- reduce default height of reply editor
- add text shadow to profile username and bio
- fix spacing for new topics alert

- edit delete post button
- fix topic star in navbar
- temporary modal fix
- style profile header changes
- fix cover gradient

- fix spacing in about me
- change main site logo to accommodate search bar

- fixed new chat send button
- adjusted chat image/video again
- styled new profile header

- add Lato Italic

- remove background colour from forum post controls

- fix broken styles in forum category overview
- add space to bottom of apps page
- save the unicorn

- fix possible glitch on forum announcement banner

- fix gfycat

- minor edits to chat
- fixed video/image width (again)

- restyled chat
- realign usernames
- expand user avatars/names on hover

- even out space under new story alert
- styled chat
- remove borders from anime page info
- fixed video and image width in chat

- hide broken avatars in forum quotes
- add spacing to videos in forum posts
- fix hover background colour on forum dropdown menus
- change colour of active tab on forum navbar
- adjustments to forum profile
- tweaks to badges page
- change colour of main site footer links
- even out space between feed filters and status updater

- add some spacing to new settings page

- fix images in embedded posts
- adjust selected option background in polls
- prevent links in the topic summary from overflowing

- recolour topic lock icon
- fix forum profile cover
- limit height of quick update titles
- add placeholder profile cover
- add experimental fade transition
- update Lato
- recolour topic "Loading..." message
- fix anime screenshot aspect ratio
- make topic search results scrollable

- fix Chrome installation
- add divider between activity feed filter tabs

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