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Hi! If you have any trouble just send me a message here or a DM on Twitter:

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More info
V7.8-> January 23, 2017.
A few things fixed like Search page (another minor fixes too). Moments support added.

V7.7-> June 29, 2016.
A few bugs from tweetdeck fixed.

V7.6-> May 30, 2016.
Sorry, "Stripes" background have been removed. profiles now have a background.

V7.5-> April 17, 2016.
Changing backgrounds

V7.4-> March 31, 2016.
Reverted fix for video, flickering text while composing tweets fixed thanks to Nth Portal (

V7.3.5-> March 24, 2016.
Fix for video without player buttons (twitter issue)

V7.3-> March 12, 2016.
I'm back with some updates: polls, new notifications at top..

V7.2-> February 05, 2016.
I'm glad to present the new option: Custom backgrounds. it's still a BETA, I'll optimize it and make it looks even better! Have a nice day.

V7.1-> February 04, 2016.
Hi! Just updated a few things here, to make it compatible with the new layout

V7.0-> November 24, 2015.
Hey! I worked on the Circle/Square avatar's option, take a look and tell me if you find any bugs.

V6.9-> November 22, 2015.
Spinner for sending tweet, Heat without animation option added (wow i hate the animation), background on logout and small fixes you know how it goes

V6.8-> November 17, 2015.
Cards reworked

V6.7-> November 05, 2015.
Glad to present the new fixes, scrollbar and the new spinner, ready to use with the updated script: (Tampermonkey for Chrome/Greasemonkey for Firefox). LOOKS AMAZING

V6.6.6 -> November 04, 2015.
Hey, I've updated the FAV color to match with the new "Like button", which I don't like *sad*

EDIT: new option to choose between Fav or Heart button and tweetdeck fix

V6.5 -> October 29, 2015.
Main page when logout, some small fixes, background fixed on mentions and I dont remember what more i did but this changelog was needed because its a medium update, so... enjoy and take care xoxo

V6.4 -> October 26, 2015.
Moments support added, Surveys support added and button fixed, USA trends fixed, avatar moved a bit, some code optimizations... enjoy

V6.3 -> October 02-06, 2015.
Avatar and buttons style can be changed separately and avatar have now some border

V6.2 -> September 16, 2015.
Profile photo updated, new separation on tweets actions fixed, tweetdeck, backgrounds source modified (if any background it's not grey tell me) and some more cool things

V6.1 -> September 3, 2015.
She told me don't worry about it.. she told me don't worry no moreeeeeeeeeeeee (DMs, background, tweet bar background, new tweets bar and few things were changed in this version)

V6.0 -> July 25, 2015. STATUS: OK
Testing, but looks bug-free

V5.6 -> July 18, 2015. FIXED: DM & background.
Working hard, a lot of work today, i had a bit of free time. Try this:

V5.5 -> July 10, 2015.
General update. profiles, some colors.

V5.3 -> June 19, 2015.
Tweetdeck and small updates, verified accounts icon fixed

V5.2 -> June 05, 2015.
Optimized for Firefox

V5.1.1B -> June 02, 2015. FIXED: notifications.
a lot of changes, possibility of bugs, if you find any text me :)

V5.1.1 -> May 24, 2015.
Profile preview improved

V5.1 -> May 22, 2015.
Buttons, fixes, improvements for no logged users, oauth, redesign a little bit profiles, buttons..

V5.0.2 -> May 6, 2015.
Search changed, dropdown changed, some backgrounds changed.

V5.0.1 -> May 1, 2015
MD's background should be now fixed. Yesterday I did some small fixes too but I don't remember what haha

V5.0 (Lollipop) -> April 28, 2015
No more betas, modified a lot of things these days, everything looks good so I won't update in a few days. In addition I changed the name of the theme. Have a nice day!

V4.4.4 -> April 23, 2015 (beta)
Seems like Twitter removed Discover :D. I did some changes to the bar (added new icon).
If you have problems with the new bar using your language TEXT ME for fix!

V4.4.2 -> April 16, 2015
Small fixes :)

V4.4 (Kit Kat) -> April 12, 2015
Tweets sugestions modified.

V4.3 (Jelly Bean) -> April 8, 2015
Retweet dialog changed by Twitter and modified by me.

V4.1B -> April 1, 2015
Some border changed, nothing really important

V4.1A -> March 25, 2015
Sensitive media background changed. Experimental: twitter activity. Trends fixed.

V4.1 (Jelly Bean) -> March 21, 2015
Minor fixes: blocked accounts and logged out users borders

V4.0.4 -> March 12 - March 14, 2015
Fixed buttons for private accounts and small fixes

V4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) -> February 10 - March 8, 2015
Bang bang! Version 4 is here! Just some new options, photos updates... I can't sleep so I decided to work a little bit, enjoy! (if there's any bug or something could be improved text me)

3.9-> January 24, 2015
Now you can choose between fixed or default new tweets notification

3.8B-> January 19, 2015
Nothing really important, working on tweetdeck..

3.8-> January 18, 2015
New notification style added, just testing right now.. Tweetdeck supported now!

3.7-> January 17, 2015
Loader changed, and some fixes

3.6A-> January 11, 2015
Minor fixes.

3.6-> January 7, 2015
Fixing colors.

3.5-> January 6, 2015
New buttons, and so much more.

3.4B-> January 5, 2015
Internal changes blabla.

3.2-> January 3, 2015
Adding some changes. Please, text me is there's any error.

V3 (Honeycomb) -> December 31, 2014
Happy new year!

2.9.6-> December 30, 2014
Some fixes, pre-2015!

2.9-> December 24, 2014
Soundcloud tweets supported, BIG PROFILES CHANGES

2.8-> December 21, 2014
BANG BANG, a lot of bugs fixed

V2.3A-> December 18, 2014
Little fixes, Search update

V2.3 (Gingerbread) -> December 15, 2014
No more updates, final release? who knows. I will update soon if twitter changes.

2.2A-> December 13, 2014
Final release coming, no changes today I think.

2.2 (Froyo) -> December 12, 2014
New borders on Discover (hum, I don't like Discover)

2.1.7 -> December 11, 2014
Profile update

2.1.6-> December 10, 2014
Nothing really important

2.1.5-> December 8, 2014
DM tweaks, "FOLLOWS YOU" return to his initial position, any doubt text me!

2.1-> December 7, 2014
New profile data align, less code blabla

v2.0E-> December 6, 2014
Colors of Connect fixed. --------> Tomorrow December 7 I'll try to upload big changes, stay tuned!

v2.0D-> December 6, 2014
Not so much, just some fixes in Settings

v2.0C-> December 5, 2014
Less code.

v2.0B-> December 4, 2014
Some borders deleted

v2.0A-> December 3, 2014
Little bugs fixed, deleting more radius borders. Final release coming!

v2.0 (Eclair) -> December 2, 2014

1.6 (Donut) -> December 2, 2014
Added new loader gif in the bottom, links, borders...

1.5.2-> December 1, 2014
Happy month! Today I fixed a few bugs :)

1.5-> November 30, 2014
Updated left menu and fixed some link colors!!

1.4.3-> November 29, 2014
No promoted tweets and hashtags! Something big is coming!

1.4.2-> November 27, 2014
Discover and Connect hard fix.

1.4-> November 26, 2014
A lot of colors changed, new style hover tweets

1.2b-> November 25, 2014
Some hot fixes, new menu

1.2-> November 25, 2014
Some fixes and border radius deleted

1.1-> November 23, 2014
A lot of new style, bug fix and !important added into some problematic places.

v1.0 (Sweetheart) -> November 21, 2014

Initial release.

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