Fimfiction Banners w/ Hosting and Randomization

Added by Alamais Degenhart-Fedora@userstyles, Created: Dec 27, 2014, Updated: May 28, 2015
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  • User page banner background.
  • Front page banner.
Overlaid Logo


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Version history below.

This style puts a selectable banner and overlay logo (if desired) on the front page, and uses the same banner as a background for the new user- and story-page headers, as opposed to the weird (and often badly skewed) blowups of avatars and story images that are the current default.

You can pick any of the old banners here (hosted on imgur), or use a simple randomizer script that I'm hosting (kinda buggy because of weird CSS element caching). Email me if you make a new banner, and if I like it I might add it to the random album and here. NEW: I modified the randomizer script so that you can use your own album. This is in case you just want one that's a subset of my album, or want to curate an entirely different set. In the 'provide your own' URL field put<album ID>, where e.g. the default album's ID at is the 's3yIn' part. It may, of course, look terrible if your images are not the proper 1300x175 resolution.

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Any suggestions welcome.

  • Version 1.04. Modified to work with 27 May 2015 changes to the site, including making the new 'author bar' auto-hide. Interoperability with Fimfiction Advanced is probably toast, and I won't have time to check/fix for a while. Testing comments/code mods welcomed.
    Version 1.03. Added new behavior when Fimfiction Advanced is in play: keeps FFA's banner selection while tweaking its user/story header aesthetic to be (IMO) smoother. And it gets rid of the creepy avatar zoom. :V Note this requires the newest versions of FFA, available
Version 1.02. Added specifiers for author search pages.
Version 1.01. Added specifiers for blog pages.

Applies to:
http.*fimfiction\.net/(?!(user|story|blog|index.php.*&user=.*)).*, http.*fimfiction\.net/(user|story|blog|index.php.*&user=.*).*

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