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This script overhauls Kongregate to make it look and function much better than it currently does.

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Update July 16, 2011: Added compatibility with Google Chrome and did some cleanup/fixes.

Update Sept 19, 2009: Rounded new comments look, removed more ads if you aren't using Adblock Plus.

Update Sept 9, 2009: Updated the sub-navigation bar just a bit for more page compatibility, shortened the code just a little bit by removing unnecessary blank lines (still have some, but that's just my favored syntax), and updated the game name to take up less space if you aren't using Adblock Plus.

Update Aug 23, 2009: Updated some more random stuff again.

Update July 13, 2009: Kongregate's web developer thought it would be funny to rename almost all of the dividers, so I've managed to rename most of my old code to match it. (I'm not quite done because I haven't gone through all the pages to inspect the damage yet, just the home and game page.)

Update June 16, 2009: Rounded off some more stuff in the game info area.

Update May 15, 2009: Small update for the profile achievement box.

Update May 14, 2009: Did a lot of fix-ups for the Zening page, but it's still not perfect.

Update May 13, 2009: Rounded some stuff and did some general improvements here and there.

Update May 9, 2009: Updated the game achievements styling and did some small typographical enhancements. Also updated the after screenshot again.

Update Apr 24, 2009: Updated style for the new game page design, warn me if there are any bugs still left.

Update Mar 29, 2009: Small link update and updated screenshot.

Update Mar 25, 2009: Finished some more of the link styling, made a lot of random stuff get borders to help them be more defined, and a few more minor things.

Update Mar 24, 2009: Another big update mainly for links, I've de-underlined a lot of them and added mouseover colors. I also changed some more things to have rounded borders, and did a touch of code cleanup.

Update Mar 23, 2009: Big update on the header, changed the game title a little bit more, and made the margins nicer on the Recommended Games section.

Update Mar 14, 2009: Rounded the user avatars and made the Achievement border more visible.

Update Mar 11, 2009: Made the game title larger and centered and did a nice overhaul of the sub-navigation bar. Updated the after screenshot to reflect the changes.

Update Mar 6, 2009: Cleaned up the game page some more by rounding the challenge border and making the Comments area look nicer.

Update Mar 1, 2009: Fixed a width value applying to more stuff than I had intended.

Update Feb 26, 2009: Minor alignment tweaks for various things.

Update Feb 23, 2009: Cleaned up the front page and made the headerbar look much nicer.

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