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Use the official version: https://userstyles.org/styles/112421/dark-fusion-google The FreeStyler version is not supported in any way.

More info
Version 6.3

Fixed product information.

Version 6.22

Removed background option because background-size cannot be declared inside the background property.

Version 6.21

Added new background option. It's not working properly, but I will get it fixed soon.

Version 6.2

Inverted stock graph on Google Finance. Fixed text color, and fixed background color for a few elements.

Version 6.1

Fixed account switcher.

Version 6

Fixed top bar.

Version 5.9

Fixed the Google top bars, and an icon for Google Translate. Also fixed the profile picture on Google+.

Version 5.8

Fixed spell check (red squiggly line) having a white background.

Version 5.7

Minor fixes to Google Webmaster.

Version 5.5

Fixed Google Translate's top bar, and the swap icon.

Version 5.4

Fixed recent sports scores.

Version 5.3

Fixed Google Drives header bar.

Version 5.2

Fixed accounts security balloon color, and login text color.

Version 5.1

Fixed notification icon.

Version 5b

Fixed regular expression for the new Patents.

Version 5a

Fixed link color.

Version 5

Fixed non-subdomain versions of Google Patents.

Version 4.9

Added support for Google Patents.

Version 4.85

Fixed medical information text color.

Version 4.81

Fixed text color of famous quotes.

Version 4.8

Fixed website translation color.

Version 4.7

Fixed date text color.

Version 4.6a

Fixed sub sites not applying the plain background color.

Version 4.6

The background image is now optional.

Version 4.5

Fixed text color of translations.

Version 4.4

Fixed Google Translate.

Version 4.3

Google did an update today that changed a bunch of stuff, for the better! This version fixes the icons. There will be another minor update coming soon.

Version 4.1

Fixed more text color, and inverted another icon.

Version 4

Fixed location text color, and inverted search icon.

Version 3.9

Fixed text color for buttons, and inverted the camera icon on Google Images.

Version 3.8

Fixed Google Translate text color, and fixed some unnecessary invert filters.

Version 3.6

Added ambiguous code for the Weather Information. Also fixed the Google top bar for Chrome users.

Version 3.4

Fixed Weather Information.

Version 3.2

Fixed Google Translate, and Google Plus top bars.

Version 3.1

Fixed some icons. Also fixed the top bar.

Version 3.07

Fixed Weather information.

Version 3.05

Fixed the Google App Menu icon. Also fixed the Google voice icon.

Version 2.99

Fixed rating text color.

Version 2.98

Fixed a typo and a link text color. Also fixed the Google app menu.

Version 2.95

Removed unnecessary tag, and fixed nutritional information.

Version 2.92

Fixed Google Translate's top bar, and the main Google Search notification icon.

Version 2.91

Fixed Google Adsense. Fixed Google Maps business preview.

Version 2.89

Fixed an icon on Google Translates.

Version 2.88

Fixed the text color of time.

Version 2.87

The war continues as Google now over-complicates one of their icons.

Fixed Google's icons.

Version 2.85

Fixed unit conversions, and text color on person information.

Version 2.83

Fixed Google Docs, and the Google Docs top bar. Also fixed some icons and username text on Google Docs.

Version 2.81a

Modified regular expression parameters.

Version 2.81

Fixed Google+ and Google News top bar. Fixed the background on usernames. Fixed the Google App launcher, and Google Account switcher.

Version 2.8

Fixed Google's top bar. There is a slight bug with the background on the username. I am working on fixing this.

Version 2.75a

Attempting to fix "Send Feedback" text color on Google Translate. Also removed unnecessary tag, and removed the background color on the pencil icon in Google Translate.

Version 2.75

Reorganized some code to ease the update process. Fixed Google Plus, News, and Drive having a white bar. Updated some back end Google Translate features.

Version 2.68

Fixed Google Adsense.

Version 2.66

Fixed the account switcher.

Version 2.65

Fixed Google Docs top bar. Fixed Googles icons and username color. Added support for Google Slides. Please note that Google Slides may contain a bug or two, so please post a screenshot and I will fix it!

Also changed Google's Search results background color and removed it's border.

Version 2.63

Fixed the majority of Google Adsense. Also inverted icon colors instead of applying a white background. It needs more work, but at least it's useable.

Version 2.62

Fixed username text and icons. Fixed Google Docs date picker. Fixed Google Docs formula symbols being too dark.

Version 2.61

Fixed date color for businesses and people.

Version 2.6

Fixed Google Timers, and the Calculator! Fixed the About Google page, and a dropdown arrows disappearing. Fixed the Google sub site selector thing next to the login/profile. Links are now brighter when hovered over. Fixed the Google login page.

Version 2.53

Updated text color on Google Translate. Fixed Geometric examples and the mathematical formulas. Also updated the colors on company info.

Version 2.5

Added Google Drive and Google Docs! Please note that the Google Docs Presentation section is not complete yet.

Version 2.12

Fixed text color on search preferences.

Version 2.11

Fixed the icons and username text, because Google changes them for no apparent reason.

Version 2.1

Fixed issues on Google Chrome by adding "!important" and using "-webkit-filter" instead of "filter".

Version 2.0

Massive overhaul. No longer contains code from GT Deep Dark or Dark Google FTW. This is a large update, and if there are any issues then please leave a message. The main sites are complete.

Version 1.93

Added attribution to the two original authors.

Version 1.092

Fixed Google Calculator text and variable box color.

Dev note: I attempted to fix geometric examples, however it simply would not work.

Version 1.09

Fixed the icons on Google+. Also fixed Google+ post page, and the account dropdown.

Also fixed the account dropdown for Google search page.

Version 1.07

Fixed icons and Google+ username color.

Dev note:

Google changed their tags yet again. I wonder if they are trying to annoy me.

Version 1.06

Fixed visited texts being too dark. Also updated some other dark text values.

Version 1.05

Added support for Google News. Also converted all "url-prefix" to "regex". This allows the theme to work in all regions.

Fixed company info preview on Google Search.

Version 1.01

Added support for Google Adsense. The graphs and pie charts cannot have a dark background, but everything else is dark.

Version: 1.0

I decided to start keeping version history. This will be the first one, so 1.0 seems fitting.


The Google Calculator's buttons are now black.
Fixed Google unit conversion panel.

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