Flight Rising: Highlight Swipp & Baldwin Items

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This script is no longer updating. See the release notes for links to other scripts.

Highlights items used by Swipp's swaps and Baldwin's brews everywhere on Flight Rising.

Swipp Items
  • Rarer or more Valuable - Deep Rose
  • Common - Yellow
Baldwin Items
  • Light Teal - Recipe Ingredient
  • Pale Light Teal - Transmute Items (Goo, Ooze, Muck, etc)
Originally based on http://freestyler.ws/style/118911/flight-rising-highlight-swipp-bald-items-mar-17 by milay@userstyles.

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12/23/2016- Notice
Currently this script is no longer being updated. If you are interested in taking over maintenance of it, feel free to make a copy following the Creative Commons licensing attribution below.

One user has opted to make a "Version 2" carrying on this script with minor modifications. http://freestyler.ws/style/150326/flight-rising-highlight-swipp-baldwin-items-v2.

12/09/2016- Notice
Currently this script is no longer being updated due to personal time concerns. If you are interested in taking over maintenance of it, feel free to make a copy following the Creative Commons licensing attribution below.

If you have any questions, you may PM me privately via the forums and I'll try to respond if I have time. Also if you do make a script and plan to maintain it, also let me know so I can direct others towards it.

9/25/2016- Nekomata
I missed the announcement about the nekomata familiars, so sorry this took so long to add.7/22/2016 - Swipp Swap Loach Poach
I finally got unlazy enough to actually update this! Sorry for the delay!
  • http://www1.flightrising.com/forums/ann/1925831.
  • I've reduced the color range for Swipp's swap items. Now it's Yellow for reasonably common stuff and a deep Rose color for harder to get or more valuable items. Feel free to give me some feedback or suggestions about this change.
6/16/2016 - New Vistas! Get yer vistas here!
You get a vista! You get a vista! http://www1.flightrising.com/forums/ann/1894763 /oprah
  • Added two new Baldwin Brew vistas
    • Vista: Sea Slugs
    • Vista: Tentacles
  • Added one new Swipp Swap vista
    • Vista: Succulents
6/8/2016 - Happy 3rd Anniversary!
With all the http://www1.flightrising.com/forums/ann/1880521, maybe you forgot about being able to get forum Vistas much more easily now! I use too many exclamation marks!!!4/23/2016 - Three New Swipp Swap Skins4/8/2016 - Armored Dragons!2/12/2016 - Winged Corgi! Winged Deer!1/16/2016 - Sylvan Apparel!1/8/2016 - Glamortail Beauties
  • Added new Swipp items
    • Glamortail Hopper (Clown Charger Fin, Sentinel Fish)
    • Bellus Glamortail (Bluefin Charger Fin, Deepwater Constructor)
12/13/2015 - Tomes of ancient knowledge
  • Added new Baldwin Ingredients
    • Coral Basilisk Field Notes
    • Grouse Basilisk Field Notes
    • Aged Tome
    • Battered book of Fables
    • Owlcat Journal
    • Forest Field Guide
  • The following are Baldwin ingredients that are already highlighted as
    Swipp items
    • Light Rune Stone
    • Plague Runestone
    • Shadow Runestone
10/30/2015 - Sea Dergs and new skins!
  • Added new Swipp Familiars items (as yellow)
    • Seaweed Scavenger (Apatite, Sea Fae)
    • Autumn Sea Dragon (Chrysoberly, Sunset Sea Dragon)
    • Bloodstone Beetle (Bloodstone, Toxindiver)
    • Empress Beetle (Emerald, Scalescarab)
  • Added new Swipp Skins items (as yellow)
    • Accent: Wavespun Ivy (Wavespun Cloth, Hallowed Ivy)
    • Accent: Scroll of Pells (Used Cartography Ink, Scroll Case)
    • Skin: Depleted Dreams (Depleted Sacridite, Seeker Orb)
    • Skin: Amber-Trapped Fae (Honeycomb Fragment, Amber-trapped
  • Removed trades no longer available
    • Fallout Streak (Tiny Feathers, Bloodscale Guards)
    • Runic Bat (Nightwing Bats)
    • Radioactive Slime (Jar of Slime)
  • Re-Removed Lucky Star and Juneflower - Swipp Items
  • Added Spellbound Glove & Mistral Glove - Baldwin Non-Transmute Items
  • Add Powerful Serthis Poison to Swipp non-transmute list
  • Added Unstable Serthis Concoction to Swipp non-transmute list
  • Removed Juneflower and Lucky Star
  • Improvements to the script to make future upkeeping easier
  • Added Irradiated Alchemical Reduction (Baldwin Item)
  • Added Cinnamon (Baldwin Item)
  • Added Green Shoots (Baldwin Item)
  • Added Royal Oysters (Baldwin Item)
  • Added Olympia Oyster (Baldwin Item)
  • Added Venomous Fly (Baldwin Item)
  • Added Fever Fly (Baldwin Item)
  • Added Horse Fly (Baldwin Item)
  • Works with new Crim page
  • Added Weird Purple Skink (Baldwin Item)
  • Added Green-Throated Skink (Baldwin Item)
  • Added Juvenile Prairie Skink (Baldwin Item)
  • Fixed a bug with the aviar fragment
  • Added Drown Battle Stone for Swipp (yellow)
  • Added Gypsum for Swipp (Yellow)
  • Added Smooth Pebbles for Swipp (Yellow)
  • Added Stone Fertility Statue for Swipp (Yellow)
  • Added Mana Thief for Swipp (Yellow)
  • Added Aquatic Relic for Swipp (Yellow)
  • Re-added the missing Ancient Fungus Spores for Swipp items as yellow
  • Added Aviar Fragment for Swipp as yellow
  • Re-added missing elk ears for Baldwin level 6 recipes
  • Added Iron Belt Buckle, Rusted Iron Belt Buckle, and Fancy Silver-Plated
    Belt Buckle for new Baldwin level 6 recipes
  • Added missing Swipp item: Ancient Fungus Spores
  • Added highlighting to the item selection dialog for messages
  • Added Level 6 Baldwin Items (Elk ears)

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