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Changes theme to a clean, flat, low-contrast one.

Available in both dark and light variants.

More info
Current version: v8
* Added: Ladder reset notification color styling
* Fixed: Updatem item bbcode (full)
* Fixed: Docs styling inconsistencies
* Fixed: Small docs error in firefox
* Fixed: Donation center
* Fixed: Search page and search results
* Under the hood: Completely changed directory structure (compared to v7*)
* Under the hood: Small build system
* Under the hood: Code is now minified (~30% less size)

v8 pre
* Added: Docs styling
* Fixed: Forum changes that broke the styling in some places

* Added: Styling of item search page when inserting item bbcodes
* Changed: Removed useless border from UCP -> PMs -> Compose PM
* Fixed: Decoration and behavior of admin usernames in shoutbox
* Fixed: Admin username color in UCP -> Manage notifications table
* Fixed: Item bbcode "links" now properly have bottom borders
* Fixed: Item bbcode containers now properly have borders
* Fixed: Centered horizontal bar between + and - button in uncookied posts

* Fixed: Vertically centered text and icon in buttons that I missed in v7g (new topic/guide, new pm)
* Fixed: Correctly aligned UCP -> Private Messages -> Sent Messages table rows
* Fixed: UCP - > Private Messages tables were missing right borders when a pm was marked with a color
* Fixed: Correctly aligned UCP -> Overview -> Manage Notification checkboxes

* Added: Styled an element only visible when not logged in (div.rules)
* Changed: Shoutbox links now behave in the same way as post links when hovered
* Changed: Slightly increased shoutbox posting time opacity
* Fixed: Horizontal ruler visibility issue
* Fixed: Return-to-top arrow was invisible on firefox
* Fixed: Post links were missing bottom border on firefox
* Fixed: Long-standing vertical misalignment of buttons content across browsers
* Fixed: Rounded borders of danger paragraph at the bottom of tools center
* Updated: Detailed spoilers html was changed, breaking their styling

* Fixed: Online stream indicator color is now green
* Fixed: Shoutbox links are now properly styled
* Fixed: Shoutbox usernames now have increased emphasis
* Fixed: Shoutbox post times now have less emphasis
* Added: Missing color declaration for div.panel.bg2 which caused a paragraph to have the wrong color in donation page and also made said paragraph unreadable in the dark theme

* Fixed: Last post panel on portal page was white when loading
* Fixed: Received PMs were not styled
* Fixed: Profile page colors
* Fixed: Guide approval warning colors
* Fixed: Tools center fixes for firefox
* Fixed: PM reply button was missing its icon
* Fixed: Background color when hovering over contact links in postprofile
* Changed: Replied PM color to be more recognizable
* Changed: Global header link colors are now correct on both themes
* Other small fixes

* Fixed: Active pagination items lacked borders in firefox
* Changed: Active pagination items' border is now red
* Fixed: Styled zoom image icon
* Fixed: Cited nested blockquotes were missing borders in firefox
* Fixed: Category rows on portal page are now red

* New: support for portal page
* Fixed: color of "last edited by" text at bottom of posts
* Fixed: compact post button icon was missing
* Fixed: input placeholder color in firefox
* Fixed: missing hidebox borders in firefox
* Fixed: missing signature top border in firefox
* Fixed: some icons in "unread posts" page (and possibly others) were not styled
* Fixed: "More" button menu background was not styled
* Reworked: light theme got some love
* Under the hood: more color definitions for better control over themes
* Under the hood: split colorscheme definitions

* Support for preset colorschemes (originally planned for v7)
* Included light variant of the theme
* Added mod only icons
* Styled private forums
* Bottom sections on board index (who is online etc) are now easily visible
* Nested content (like quotes, code etc) in firefox now has borders
* Buttons that were too big on firefox are still too big, but less so

* Theme now has a name
* Rewrote most of the code to lay the foundation of preset themes and user-customizable colors
* Wrote first alternative preset theme (not yet available)
* Reverted change to TG icon
* Many changes to how things look (less borders, clutter and text-shadows mainly)
* Styled some things that were left unstyled (polls and some parts of user control panel)
* Standardized how various tables look -- they all look the same now, except a couple in UCP in firefox
* Reduced size of every icon
* Changed colors of many icons to better reflect their importance
* Source SASS code is now publicly available

* Changed every icon to use FontAwesome ones
* Resized / recentered a lot of content, to pixel precision mostly
* Theme is even more standardized than before
* Removed all the clutter I could find
* A whole bunch of small fixes and enhancements here and there

* Reverted change: re-added borders to spoiler, detailed spoiler, quote, code, inline code, attachment tags to make them visible when nested.

* Fixed: notification options table in user control panel
* Fixed: important announcements in user control panel
* Fixed: notification manager in user control panel
* Changed: links are now red + underlined instead of white + underlined to make them more visible
* Added: styling of the members-only content tag.

* Added support for skillplan and tool pages
* Fixed display of guide center header
* Removed some useless and distracting borders
* Design is much cleaner
* Rounded some borders
* Fixed minor stuff around various pages

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