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Added by DecentM@userstyles, Created: May 10, 2015, Updated: Sep 22, 2016
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Primary color (usually darker then the secondary color)
Secondary color (usually lighter than the primary)
Accent color (usually vastly different from the primary)
Secondary accent (usually a bit lighter than the accent color)
Link thickening (not currently used)


This userstyle will apply a cool material design theme to
Only is affected.
You can get the forum version here:
I recommend you use this site when picking colors:

Known bugs:
- Form buttons get transparent on hover
- Form items have very little padding

More info
I accidentally let my compressor remove comments from the code, which removed all colors from the style. If you didn't happen to download/update the theme in the about ten minutes while I was addressing this (which you probably didn't), you should update the style again, and it should work.
I've rewritten the entire style from scratch, with Bootstrap. Right now, it's unoptimized, but all main functions should be good. Expect an optimized version with some tweaks soon (tm) (I know, I changed this from a week, but hey, life)!
I dropped the forum from this theme, you can get it here:
Note, that the forum userstyle is a copy of this one's old version, but I plan on rewriting that as well after this is complete.
I've gotten way better at web design since I last updated this project, so now that I have a bit of free time, I'll probably be updating this style somewhat more frequently.

- Fixed the donation link for good
- Refactored the code, so it should work better on non-gecko browsers, such as Chrome.
- Fixed the donation link on profile pages if one exists
- Thanks for spotting most of these
- Added option to thicken links
- Fixed the forum's search bar
- Adjusted the search box's appearance on the main site, plus added some animations
- Fixed the discussions list sticking out from it's parent
v0.8.5 - Close to v1, I fixed an issue with long style names on the my styles list, they will now properly wrap.
v0.8.1 - Added a partial workaround for the forum dropdowns, I will at some point find a proper solution
- Initial release. Very likely to have some minor bugs, if you find any, please report them in a comment!
- Known bug: Floating menus on the forum are partly obscured by the forum content

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