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I found a small request by in the forums asking for a ROBLOX 2009 theme. Here you go!

More info

This theme has not yet been completed, it's extremely new... Short story long: EXPECT ISSUES!

This Style has been worked on over time and should be all good now, I forgot to remove that message above. Any issues? Let me know :)

Remember what ROBLOX was like in 2009? Well.. I do! I turned 11 that year :P

I hope you enjoy ROBLOX 2009 v1.1.1b :)

v1.1.1b - 10th Mar 2015

Got bored and accidentally redesigned current game page to look like the old-style game page. Oops P: Think I should create a seperate Style for you to test out in-progress versions of ROBLOX 2009?

v1.1 - 9th Mar 2015

Okay so I knew this was coming as I watched a YouTube video on the 8th advertising my Style (thank you and I noticed it was sort of.. broken :| Don't worry though, lads! It was a slight unnecessary change ROBLOX done once again! They are either messing me about or they are doing legit changes to their site (like it's so obvious, right?! Their site has changed so much! It looks 10x better than what it looked like from.. say last week P:).

v1.0.9 - 5th Mar 2015

A small fix for ROBLOX+ addon interfering with the header. Please try not to complain about issues with the header if you have this addon installed, I'm trying to sort it :)

v1.0.8 - 4th Mar 2015

ROBLOX won't stop with the announcements so I thought I'd put them somewhere.. where they are more visible I guess :)

v1.0.7 - 3rd Mar 2015

This is the "3rd of March" fix. It was a quick 20 minute inspection and trial & error.

  • Fixed the header
  • Messages and Friends now accessible in the top left


Support for forums, centered game page, added old fashioned "Play" button, fixed the gap between the header and content C: Think thats it for this update really!


Couple of fixes here and there, added the robux icon!


Removes that cheeky message I placed in the header prompting you to update this style ;)


Experimental update. Better merging of the 2 seperate headers in the single header. Tix and ROBUX now displayed in a white box! AND THE SETTINGS BUTTON IS NOW ON THE LEFT :D


Extremely quick fix for the catalog


Still experimental... Changed the text on some elements, centered the header etc.

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