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With all the changes since the games initial release, this is a good alternate for by MaybeLina@userstyles!

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Important If you're having difficulties, please consult the FAQ section in the notes below before you leave negative feedback.

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* Case sensitive.
** For this, only the # is needed [/static/img/pet/mood/profile/3447fc0cea63ea1f04c6f8a37cc696fe.png]

Difficulties? FAQ:
"There are items separated from my avatar!" (Asked by:,, and
I can only think of two reasons this would happen. If you have original images, make sure they're aligned correctly before using them. With any image editing software that supports transparency and layers, you can use as a base to align your custom images. If the items in question are official links, pay attention to the descriptors in them. If it has /web_portrait/ in it, change it to /web_full/, and you should be good."What do I do if I have a image that's only portrait size?"Go to edit the style and insert 0% / 30em after the URL, and that will size it to the /web_full/ equivalent. [url("")0% / 30em,]"Is there a My Candy Love/Amour Sucré version of this?" (Asked by:! one for you Candy and school id: and"CriAzuDre, what if I want to affect more than one avatar?" (Asked by: your id put it in like this "1st-id-number,#playerProfileAvatar_2nd-id-number", after you install the style go to edit it and find the [ do not remove ] segment. In the fist one add canvas to the id number lacking it. ( This only works for two avatars. Now, there may be a way to get around this. I don't know if it will work for other browsers, but, in Chrome, if you inspect the text box and change "maxlength" number to a larger one (90 should be plenty) you can bypass the max character limit for that install/update ( If that works for you, you can do the same for your username, "1st-username"), regexp("http://www.eldarya.(fr|com)/player/profile/2nd-username". You'll need to edit it in the style, and it's a pain, but this is a way to give beginners, who don't know where to look, an easier time finding it ("What if I only want to modify one item?" (Asked by: on, this only layers a bunch of images to create a full picture. Due to how they handle the avatars, this is the only method I can use at the moment. If I ever found an easier way to do this, I'd let you all know in a heartbeat."what value talking about ?" (Asked by:

CHANGE LOG10.14.2016 ~ (1) CSS restored. Will hopefully stay this way. (2) Fixed bugs and minor improvements.
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DISCLAIMERFor fair warning, this style was created in google chrome, as it's my browser of choice. As for this styles compatibility with other browsers, that's not something I really have a way of testing. Also, my overall knowledge of coding is limited -- this is a hobby I've only just recently picked up -- so most of my styles are created by trial and error. So, I hope you can all be patient with me, I assure you, I am doing my best! Thank you for your time. = )

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