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Added by Andy Cormack@userstyles, Created: Jul 23, 2016, Updated: Apr 14, 2017


A dark charcoal / blue theme for Youtube.

Global variables at the top of the file for easy colour theme tweaks.

More screenshots:

OPTIONAL STYLES (Just search for these lines)
- Dark subscribe button instead of YT red

After numerous comments about the watched overlay, I've decided to keep it optional with its
own userstyle. Allowing users who don't like/want it the option. Making a new style also allowed
me to overhaul it slightly with some style settings so you can use it even without my Umbra theme.

For those who still want to the Watched overlay you can go here:


Anything not working right? Let me know!

More info
[1.3.2] 2017/03/21
- Search results song artist top tracks / albums card style fixes

[1.3.1] 2017/03/18
- "Live Now" tag colour fix

[1.3.0] 2017/03/07
- Overhaul of the Watched overlay, completely removed from this theme and is now an optional
style with its own settings, the link is in the description.

[1.2.1] 2017/03/06
- Fixed notification preference modal button widths for different languages
- Fixed analytics pages AGAIN
Youtube really needs to stop recompiling these to new class names >_>

[1.2.0] 2017/02/25
- Fixed the watch history feed being completely greyed out with the "Watched" overlay
- Fixed checkbox selection bug

[1.1.9] 2017/02/17
- Fixed dark timestamp text on live chat
- Fixed title colour on shared pages
- Fixed text selection background colour

[1.1.8] 2017/02/11
- Comment upvote / downvote colours fixed

[1.1.7] 2017/01/24
- Youtube Live chat styles

[1.1.6] 2017/01/11
- Fixed search results pagination current page highlight
- Removed focus outline from video progress bar

[1.1.5] 2017/01/05
- Update for new comment history styles
- Another small fix for watched overlay alignment
- Colour corrected active like button and corresponding count text

[1.1.4] 2017/01/03
- Fix for subscriber button count overlap
- Added optional dark subscribe button (just search "Dark subscribe button" in the CSS and uncomment it)

[1.1.3] 2016/12/23
- Fixes for better "Watched" overlay compatibility with multiple locations across the site including playlists

[1.1.2] 2016/12/22
- The return of the "Watched" overlay! Hurrah!
- Fixed style of removed video from home page video feed
- Small fix for playlist icons

[1.1.1] 2016/12/21
- Lots of minor fixes from site updates and suggestions from comments

[v1.1.0] 2016/11/25
- Numerous minor fixes across the site from comments and my own observations

[v1.0.9] 2016/11/09
- More small fixes for new changes made to analytics
- A few icon fixes

[v1.0.8] 2016/10/26
- Some small fixes contributed by Tim Cole

[v1.0.7] 2016/10/25
- Fixed all analytics pages
- Fixed styling for MCN pages

[v1.0.6] 2016/10/22
- Removed the black background from cinema mode by request, if you want to keep it the original way just delete the style right at the end in the "Maybe personal preference?" section with the class/id .watch-stage-mode #theater-background
- Made video author reply text more visible
- Fixed some new black icons that were added to the site
- Fixed video page creator bar colours
- [WIP] fixing the analytics pages again as Youtube decided to change all the class names when they recompiled their last css files I guess >_>

[v1.0.5] 2016/10/09
- Fixed userstyles site transfer bug

[v1.0.4] 2016/07/26
- Fixed numerous little things: icons, buttons, links, etc.
- Added styling for all Creator Studio pages, including graphs / charts for analytics

[v1.0.3] 2016/07/24
- Fixed channel page featured video styles
- Fixed a missed link hover state style for video sidebar
- Fixed small Chrome-specific styling bug with Watched overlay

[v1.0.0] 2016/07/24
- Initial release

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