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Added by Jeremy Tan@userstyles, Created: Nov 23, 2009, Updated: Aug 22, 2014
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This style is based on Wikipedia Grey Lady II by DavidONE which was in turn based on Wikipedia Grey Lady by chochem.

I initially modified the original to just handle small inconsistencies that bothered me. When Wikipedia made their Vector skin the default skin, I have since changed this substantially in order to fit the appearance of the Vector menus and tabs into the skin. If you prefer using the Ajax-ish Vector skin with the auto-filling search, this will work for you. If you prefer the older menus, first create an account on Wikipedia if you haven't already, and then select the Monobook skin from your preferences.

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Updated Aug 23 2014

- Changed font size to be slightly bigger
- Fixed several missing font-family definitions
- Fixed top tab layout
- Added small padding to info box cells
- Changed UL list image to one with transparent background

Updated May 17 2014

- Fixed to handle all the changes brought on in the nav panel.

Updated Feb 3rd 2013.

- Fixed toccolours background color issue.

Updated Dec 11th 2012.

- Changed mw-panel layout for latest changes in formatting in default theme.

Updated Nov 2nd 2012.

- Fixed text (it was too small)
- Fixed line height in section headings
- Fixed table alignments for certain layouts because they were expecting no cell spacing.
- Various other small fixes.

Updated Aug 22nd 2012.

- Fixed timeline text for Paleontology articles.

Updated Jul 6th 2012.

- Fixed text alignment and padding in default table cell.

Updated Jun 29th 2012.

- Fixed blockquote font-size bug caused by previous fix.

Updated Jun 28th 2012.

- Fix for text that is outside of paragraph headers inside the body.
- Table text is now slightly smaller than before.

Updated Jan 20th 2012.

- Fixed for SOPA/PIPA blackout.

Updated Oct 21st 2011.

- Fixed blockquote font size and line height.
- Fixed floating tables to handle different unspaced float declarations.
- Fixed line heights inside lists within content bodies.

Updated Oct 13th 2011.

- Fixed to deal with div.smallers being introduced into the body content.

Updated Oct 12th 2011.

- Fixes to lists and vertical navboxes for the new ltr/rtl container format.
- Made headers slightly larger to differentiate h5 from text.

Updated Oct 5th 2011.

- Fixed latest changes to the vector skin. Why Wikipedia people why?

Updated Oct 2nd 2011.

- Modified font relationships to be more logical.
- Changed the way some tables are displayed so that the cell divisions are clearer.
- Many small fixes to floating layouts or tables that overflowed.

Updated September 5th 2011.

- Increased margins for inline thumbnails due to the hanging lists extending leftwards of a paragraph.
- Fixed margins for the references section.

Updated August 30th 2011.

- Modified the way NavHead and NavToggle work for a better solution to the NavHead overlapping text problem.
- Fixed unnumbered list margins.
- Made an exception for NavBox margins that are used within DIVs (see Islam template).
- Removed infobox font size global setting so.
- Fixed tleft margin.
- Made thumbnail margins slightly larger due to list formatting overflowing into the margin space.

Updated August 26th 2011.

- Modified the way infoboxes are handled. Because colour is being used more and more in templates and portals we can't override colours in tables anymore.
- Fixed margins on floating infoboxes, which caused unbalanced layouts when infoboxes were contained within another table.
- Made amboxes fill the full width of the column.
- Fixed nogrid tables, so that transportation maps are laid out correctly.
- Made header sizes slightly smaller than before so they would not overflow containing table cells when used in portal layouts.
- Various other layout fixes.

Updated July 27th 2011.

Fixed links to non-existent wiki pages to render red.

Updated May 10th 2011.

Fixed margins for tleft divs.

Updated Mar 27th 2011.

Fixed alignment of vector tabs on, which is formatted slightly differently.
Fixed alignment of vector menu tabs.
Fixed problem with vector menu drop downs in several cases.
Added right margin for metadata boxes that align to the left.

Updated Feb 22nd 2011.

Fixed alignment of suggestions box in the disambiguation page.
Fixed minor changes in the alignment of the article menu bar in the Vector skin.

Updated Oct 24th 2010.

Fixed alignment of suggestions box when using the default skin.

Updated July 23rd 2010.

Removed site subtitle that was moved out from the main h3 tag.
Fixed bug where all lists were set to use the square bullet, not just unnumbered lists (thanks akincisor)

Updated June 19th 2010.

Uploaded latest fixes for the changes to the Vector skin. Please update to this version if you're having trouble. Thanks.

Updated May 23rd 2010:

- Fixed justify alignment so that it only occurs inside paragraphs in the body, not in all contained tables.
- Added a left margin to metadata mbox-small.
- Fixed images inside Spoken Wikipedia infoboxes.

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