deviantH0VER v7 (rotane)

Added by rotane@userstyles, Created: Jul 14, 2011, Updated: Jan 13, 2017
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Aims to add hover-effects (mouseovers) to ALL links on dA, and to get rid of most blue-ish colours.

Deviation page on deviantART:

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Version history:
v0.1 (February 2010) Private release.
v0.2 (July 15, 2011) Public release.
v0.3 (February 14, 2012) Updates (Message Centre and
v0.4 (April 21, 2012) Tabs on Userpage and Message Centre.
v0.4-1 (April 22, 2012) Bugfixes.
v0.4-2 (May 18, 2012) Fixes for: edit/delete links, text-links in comments; improved compatibility with journal skins.
v0.4-3 (July 22, 2012) Removed -moz- prefix for FF13+ compatibility; minor bugfixes.
v0.5 (September 1, 2012) Fixed :hover for some thumbs; sidebar button fixes; better compatibility with
v0.5-1 (October 27, 2012) Fixed: text links in journals no longer get recoloured; nicer Group menu.
v0.5-2 (May 1, 2013) Fixed: Redraw button; deviation description.
v0.6 (August 2, 2013) Fixed: userpage tabs facelift (currently in beta); Fixed: Folder butons.
v0.7 (October 3, 2013) Fixed: link colours for new username links and some outgoing links.
v0.7-1 (October 8, 2013) Fixed: many links on the userpage and the badges page; Changed: some links underlined by default, so you'll easier see them.
v0.7-2 (December 7, 2013) Fixed: Links in Original Comment in MC; link to Contest Entry on dev pages.
v0.8 (June 24, 2014) Removed Mozilla-specific values.
v0.9 (January 11, 2017) Fixed username links on new thumbs.
v0.9-1 (January 12, 2017) Fixed username links on new thumbs with bright backgrounds.
v0.9-2 (January 12, 2017) Found another one…

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