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Much like the old forums, only not. Attempts to mimic the appearance of the Penny Arcade forums prior to the 14/7/11 changeover, with light text on dark background. Thanks for ideas and many incorporated tweaks go to users in this thread

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- Removing Christmas theme.

- Updated to account for Christmas theme.

- Tiny fix to account for some positioning difference after a site update.

- Couple of small fixes.

- Roles now displayed beside avatars for everyone but regular users. Moderator, Admin, Jailed, etc, roles now much more obvious.

- Further tweet display fixes for Chrome, Talith comes through again.

- Fixed embedded tweet display in Chrome. Credit to Talith for the fix.

- Tweaked display of a certain user's jacket.

- Added some tweaks. What tweaks? I can't even remember. They're new though, and new is good.

- Please go away, Error 500.

- New post reply button bar now skinned.

- The new Fairshare box functionality (for game code retrieval) is now skinned.

- Button bar at top of post reply area fixed.

- Bookmarks fixed as new style changed them.
- Awesome/Agree screens in profile page tweaked.

- Updated in accordance with new search functionality.

- Readded reaction avatars, thanks to Mblackwell for most of the code.

- Added styling for user actions.
- Fixed overflow on the right side for user actions

- Added styling for dice rolls.

- Fixed code tags again.
- Title tags generated on the fly are now colored orange.

- Reskinned revised user warnings above the post reply area.

- Fixed agree/awesome counts due to an update having resized them, tweaked alignment of their text.
- Mods and Vanilla admin have titles between their usernames and avatars.

- Styled badge display page, tweaked infraction styling to account for the new way infractions are displayed.

- Fixed alignment of new holiday decorations.

- Fixed colouration of the new moderator list at the bottom of discussion pages.

- Added styling of infractions on posts.

- Edit button should now be fixed in Chrome, thanks to Barrakketh for the fix. Infractions page also fixed.

- Another go at fixing the edit button in Chrome, message sidebar boxes styled after update.

- Fixed issues caused by latest updates to forum, preview box now styled, profile page button display styled, new posts indicated made bold to enhance visibility, acronym dotted underlines added, edit button explicitly made white to hopefully fix Chrome issue, user locations styled, user title position fixed after update, padding at left of forum posts is now gone.

29/7/12 Version 5.4
- User ranks next to avatars are gone, replaced with text between the username and avatar for users with special ranks (moderators, admins, etc).

29/7/12 Version 5.3
- Reactions bar now always visible, moved to the right, and in line with sigs.

29/7/12 Version 5.2
- Fixed the bookmarks section having the top button overlaid onto the list, reskinned search box, slightly shrunk top menu text, alternating list colour for top flyout options (bookmarks, messages, etc).

28/7/12 Version 5.1
- Fixed a couple of bugs.

28/7/12 Version 5
- Forums underwent a massive overhaul, which broke the style like a twig. WIth liberal use of duct tape (and a day of typing), the style's now usable again. Largely a quick fix to get the style going rather than a complete, tidy product for now.

28/4/12 Version 4.4
- Code tags fixed again.

18/3/12 Version 4.3
- Code line numbers fixed.

17/3/12 Version 4.2
- Code tags fixed after core forum update.

24/2/12 Version 4.1
- User avatars and names in PM screen now visible.

23/2/12 Version 4.0
- User location graphic came back due to the definition being changed. Fixed.

22/2/12 Version 3.9
- The new fancy locked thread graphic was off by a pixel when the style was applied, due to the different fonts. Now fixed.
- Notifications area when empty now skinned.

19/2/12 Version 3.8
- Quote/Awesome/Report buttons now fixed to bottom of posts, thanks to Ramius for fix.

19/2/12 Version 3.8
- Edit Profile button and page skinned.

19/2/12 Version 3.7
- Removed white link icon from post timestamps, and changed the text to light grey to focus the eye on the post content.

19/2/11 Version 3.6
- Skinned new 'post edited by x at y' post heading.

16/2/12 Version 3.5
- Fixed logo not appearing.

14/2/12 Version 3.4
- Fixed a batch of aesthetic issues caused by the forums update.
- Timestamp for items in the Comments page within user profiles now skinned.
- Start New Conversation button now skinned within PM menu.

1/12/11 Version 3.3
- Fixed user online/offline bar in other user's profile pages appearing off-centre.

28/11/11 Version 3.2
- Slight tweak to user location spacing for consistency.

24/11/11 Version 3.1
- Snow above avatars in winter theme adjusted.

19/11/11 Version 3.0
- Revamped how user ranks are displayed; now they're simple text between the user's name and avatar.

18/11/11 Version 3.0
- Fixed new user online status graphic... again.

17/11/11 Version 2.9
- Fixed new user online status graphic and last seen text.

5/11/11 Version 2.8
- Removed bbcode wikipedia link at bottom of reply area.
- Tweaked updated formatting buttons in line with style with added rollover effect.
- Trimmed footer.

29/9/11 Version 2.7
- Fixed user titles and locations. Again.

28/9/11 Version 2.6
- Removed dotted lines on front forums page.

27/9/11 Version 2.5
- Fixed titles and user locations. Again.

27/9/11 Version 2.4
- Fixed thread replies and thread views columns after new change to the forums.
- Said columns are now forced into lowercase; no more measurement of them in Kelvin.

25/9/11 Version 2.3
- Title line-height fixed for multi-line titles.

25/9/11 Version 2.3
- Titles and location skinned
- Quote, report and awesome button text slightly reduced in size.

4/7/11 Version 2.2
- New search page skinned.

29/7/11 Version 2.1
- Something changed. Either way, banned users now have their status displayed properly (again). Private messages summary now also has alternating background.

29/7/11 Version 2.0
- Fixed ranking display for post-switchover mods.

29/7/11 Version 2.0
- Replaced quote link icon away from the ugly cropped green-circled arrow.

29/7/11 Version 1.9
- Banned users now have their rank properly displayed beneath their avatar.

29/7/11 Version 1.8
- Notifications, private messages, and infractions now have alternating backgrounds for easier visibility.

29/7/11 Version 1.7
- Private messages have bottom white line recoloured to black.

29/7/11 Version 1.6
- Acronyms now have dotted underlines, profile page avatar picture should now not be cut off in Chrome. Thanks to thorgot and Barrakketh for the fixes.

29/7/11 Version 1.5
- Fixed infractions notice background being white on white. No idea why that got changed or how, but whatever.

23/7/11 Version 1.4.1
- Added a tiny snippet to remove the bright yellow background on notifications in the Conversations page that new message replies have been recieved on past conversations.

23/7/11 Version 1.4
- Private messages/conversations now have their textbox recoloured and text brought in line with the reply textbox. Infraction counts and headings are also now recoloured.

22/7/11 Version 1.3
- Unread posts bar is now white. Not by choice, but at least it works again.

22/7/11 Version 1.2
- The CSS got changed, which messed up sigs and readded borders around avatars. Both are (re-)fixed now.

20/7/11 Version 1.1
- Blue arrows are now replaced by little white ones.

19/7/11 Version 1.0.6
- Orange new post graphic is back.

19/7/11 Version 1.0.4
- Tweaked emoticon button to bring it in line with new button bar.

19/7/11 Version 1.0.5
- Unread discussion titles now not bold. Thanks to Echo for this one.
- Removed white/light blue bar above the footer.

18/7/11 Version 1.0.5
- Spoilers now 100% less ugly.

18/7/11 Version 1.0.4
- Options button next to stickies now reskinned to darker scheme instead of bright grey.
- Category headings now correct lighter colour.

18/7/11 Version 1.0.3
- New Thread creation colours fixed.
- Emoticons box background recoloured for clearer viewing.
- Emoticon icon moved to top of the reply textbox area instead of within it.

17/7/11 Version 1.0.2
- Avatar in user control panel corrected, thanks to Opty for fix.

17/7/11 Version 1.0.1
- Fixed edit text colour, and search form background colour.

17/7/11 Version 1.1
- Rewrote code from the ground up - lots of redundancy removed, most consistency in general. Buttons now reskinned.

16/7/11 Version 1.0.3
- Fix for Profile breadcrumbs.

16/7/11 Version 1.0.2
- Removal of white bars inbetween page numbers on categories pages. Also, removal of white borders in discussion pages, thanks to Death of Rats.

16/7/11 Version 1.0.1
- Removal of ugly white bar at the bottom of the main table, fixed preview background.

16/7/11 Version 1.0
- Initial release

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