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ZZZ Userstyles TableView+Enhancer - Dark/Grey 6.3

Added by decembre@userstyles, Created: Aug 27, 2011, Updated: Jun 09, 2013
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▶ It's (or just better) FOR A WIDESCREEN : (1920x1080)!

NEW : Adaptation for the New centred design ....

- MENU - Vertical (in Top Bar on Hover)
- FORUM reorganized

It's an adaptation to use with these 2 GreaseMonkey scripts :
(For it : Unchek "Dark Theme" in Table Option)

*It's inspired by this great Userstyle :
by yetisquatch@userstyles

More info
What it does (in short)? :

- WideScreen Optimisation (1920x1080)
- Simple and Informative and Reorganized Style :
- Dark/Grey Global Flat Style
- General Header, Menus and Pagination : Fixed (stay in place on scroll)
- "Show Code" : Fixed and Move to the top right corner of the Long description
- Code Preview window: Height fixed and Scroll Bar
- Search option : Reorganized and adjust for the 2 scripts in top header
- Search Results Tables : Zebra Tables.
- PopUp Preview : always on the right side
- Forum reorganized and styled too :
Panels and pagination on the right, discuss on the left.
Star icon restyled and visible in discussions too. :
all credits to : mod_wastrel@userstyles

I Try to comment the code, so you can change that you want ... :
If you improve it , send me a message.
▶ Test its BETA Test version of ( NOTE : They are identical for this version)
which is less updated than the beta at this time.:

Userscript (Greasemonkey Version) of this Userstyle,
which work better for "Enhancer" than "Table View Plus", but just for few things.
If you want to test it or see Updated Screenshots , Go here :

Style can be Compressed , if it need , by these Online Tools
(because sometime it is too big for
NOTE : :
"Code posted on can now be 100,000 bytes long, up from 65,536.
I trust you to use the additional 34,464 bytes wisely. "

So , for this version i don't need to compress my code ;-)
it seems better , because it don't need corrections after .
Results :
- There is not size limit for the uncompressed code.
- its Compressed Code is less readable
- it don't break Base 64 code and SYMBOL like : ▶ ★ , are preserved ....
INFOS : found here :
(by pfeiffer stylez)
but it has drawbacks:
The compressor removes the unit from zero values.
This might be a problem if you use gradients, because it also removes the deg from 0deg.
And it removes the empty space around a plus(+), which is problematic it you use calc() expressions.
So the compressed code might require a manual finishing. ^^

Results :
- There is a 100Kb size limit for the uncompressed code.
- Compressed Code is more readable.
- But with this tool , take care at some symbol like :▶ ★ ,
which can be converted in their Unicode interpretations..

Pastebin (Version 4.8 Beta) (before compression, with all my comments) :

NOTE : About Scrollbars :
For Slims and Dark ScrollBars , i use :
For a better compatibility with Dark Gray Styles,
you need to change its Background color for a Darker Cursor, like that :

scrollbarbutton {
-moz-appearance: none !important;
background-color: transparent !important;
border: none}

thumb {
-moz-appearance: none !important;
border: none !important;

/* == Tweak : background-color : CURSOR COLOR DARK (#999) == */
background-color: #999 !important;

border-radius: 10px !important;
box-shadow: inset 0 0 3px #000

▷ Others Scrollbar Tweak :
by Lain_13@userstyles
. userstyles's userstyles's Eli (Ukiss) & Sungyeol (Infinite) by makondo@userstyles.
. Infos :

NOTE : about TABLE VIEW PLUS (GM Userscript):
▷ For this GM script , my settings are :
- ✔ Checked :
. Show Table Filter in sidebar
- ✘ Unchecked:
. Enable theme for header and left sidebar
. Show Nav links in sidebar

▶ What it do (detailled)....

>> Menus More Compact and reorganized :
- Hover on Items
- Menus Tabs ( 2 or 3 Tabs: Depend your preferences for Table View Plus):
moved to the left in the Top Header and delete one item redundant.

>> Style Infos Page:
- Panels Infos : Reorganized, styled :background/txt color etc ...
- Code : Show Code Button and Code Popup :
follow the resize of the windows for better compatibility with small screens.
- Show Code Box :
fixed on the right of the screen and scrollable to be more usable for small and large screen.
- Preview Screenshot :
Fixed and moved on the Right side, the Preview stay open still you hover on an other Preview Icon.
- Long Description Infos : Max Width to stay in the block infos :
cf = google-maps max updated :
- Send "Private Message" : moved Top Left (near User Name), TXT replaced by an "✉ " ICON + Tooltip on hover
- Deleted Style : Message re-styled(Speech Bubble...) and moved.

>> Author Infos Panel + "Related Themes"(left Panel , under account Button) :
- Improve the style with a Author Icon User "♟" added + BIG Author Name

>> Search (compatibility for the 2 GM) :
- Table Options Button in Search and Styles infos pages(For Table View Plus):
Replaced by an Icon, moved to the TOP /Right of the page (under "
- Search Simple + Advanced Options : Moved on Top Right Side And Compact
Only with one line with
- Advanced Search And Back Buttons reorganized in a TOGGLE way :
if you click on "Advanced" button, the "Back" button take its place...
- Search Options : width , position / font size , color etc...
- Filter Block(for Table View Plus) : move Top right , under SEARCH block.
- Summa"R"y(for Table View Plus) and Su"M"mary (on Hover for Usertyle.or Enhancer) :
Position(move in the header)

>> Browse Styles Search Pages :
- Summa"R"y(for Table View Plus) and Su"M"mary (for Usertyle.or Enhancer) : Position/Hover
- Statistics and Last Check in top header

>> Forum reorganized :
- Header, Tabs (ed "Categories") , Buttons(eg "Start a new Discussion"), Lists , Comments , Links, etc (Better style )
- Discussion Panel + Fav Star Action Bookmark Move to the left (better compatibility for small screen)
- Pagination move to the left side , between the 2 panels.
- Favs Star : Now visible in Discussion List
- Search Form : moved to the LEFT above PANELS and delete the redundant one (top right) in Forum Search pages

>> Pubs :
- Supp some Adds if you don't use Adblock Plus (+Social Barre styled, Titles , Last checked)
- MINI-SOCIAL BAR (NO Facebook/Twitter) :
. in Header(near " title), in Search Page
. under Preview, In Style Infos Page.

>> Style Edtion Page
- Edition (Short description) : Resizeable block (TEST)

▶ Last Changes(new25/31) :
>> LINE of TXT CODE in FORUM : reduce the size of the box
>> adaptation for Faviconize The Web (Greasemonkey script which add favicons at each links )
>> CODE WINDOW : adaptation if you don't use any GM Userscripts

>> (new29) NEW CENTRED DESIGN : adaptation for it

>> STYLE OPTIONS : position
>> ACCOUNT PAGE : correction for GM "EnhAncer"
>> SCRIPT TITLE in account page : Width, Inline, color + border Hover /visited
>> PREVIEW : Max-height
>> PAGINATOR : modification position(top, under User name / Title page)
>> SUMMARY button : minor fix
>> SEND PRIVATE ICON (+hover): minor fix
>> Social Bar : Minor Fix for
>> Bookmarked STAR in FORUM , more pretty..
>> MENU corrections
>> FORUM pages many corrections(Improve IMAGES in Reply + supp styled links , move to an other userstyle)
>> USER account page NO LOGGED support
>> SHOW CODE POPUP : Position/visibility correction for Enhancer (GM)(different than Table View Plus).
>> FORUM PAGINATION between the left 2 panels support Enhancer (GM) enable(correction)

Applies to:,
CC0 1.0 Universal.
decembre@userstyles has waived all copyright and related or neighboring rights to ZZZ Userstyles TableView+Enhancer - Dark/Grey 6.3, to the extent allowed by law.

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