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Styles your Google+ into Pony+!

Stylish will not correctly auto-update this script due to customization features, so remember to uninstall an old version before trying to upgrade! (Stylish->Options->Pony+->Delete)

The configuration options allow you to choose a logo, background pony / mark and the type of stream mode you want!

Default has the stream on the left, as normal. Centre makes the stream "old style".

More info

v2.2 - Reverted image backgrounds to older (now working) version, fixed Twilight and Derpy, removed events, made "Trending" a toggle.

v2.1 - Added in options for altering stream width and position, fixed background image bug.

v2.0 - Redesigned to work with the new Google+ look! Known bug: Background image will position incorrectly on some smaller screens. We're looking into it!

v1.1 - Google changed their stylesheets, have updated accordingly. Fixed bug where hangouts would occasionally refuse to open.

v1.0.5 - Bugfixes.

v1.0 - Stable! Fixed: bug that effectively blocked users joining hangouts via chat, Derpy not showing up with the new notifications bar, new logo not displaying in all hangouts. Added new background: Plus Pony!

v0.9.9 - Styled the Google+ Hangout logo into a Pony+ logo. Last 'unstable' version!

v0.9.5 - Australians can now use the Celestia/Luna background as a default option.

v0.9.1 - Added a "Remove feedback" option.

v0.9 - Updated code for the Google bar - properly this time.

v0.8 - Removed the What's Hot bar from the stream. Annoying thing.

v0.7 - Updated to work with the new Google bar - in theory. Will need someone to confirm this.

v0.6.2 - Fixed Twilight in Firefox :)

v0.6.1 - Added 'other styles' option - will allow backgrounds to work through modified plus layouts.

v0.6 - You can now choose to have Celestia and Luna's cutie marks in the background! The mark will change depending on the time of day - The script installer supports GMT and CST, although you can change it manually by picking either of these and changing the number after "offset=".

v.0.5 - Rainbow dash is now here - if you want her to be. Also, Twilight will error-check your various writing efforts!

v.0.4.1 - Added Ocean Breezes new stylized Pony+ logo as an option, and moved where all the images are hosted.

v0.4 - Replaces the Photos and Profile icons with some more suitable images.

v0.3.2 - Derpy now appears on the recieved notifications, just to make sure you got them.

v0.3.1 - Derpy got lost on the way to Pony+...she's got here now!

v0.3 - Derpy has arrived to deliver your notifications! Also, you may now pick from 3 logo choices (Pinkie has returned!). This update needs a reinstall - Stylish will not update correctly!

v0.2 - Changes the font slightly, replaces Pinkie with Ocean Breeze's Plus Pony. Will have an option for Pinkie again soon, fear not!

v0.1 - Changes the Google+ logo to a preliminary Pony+ logo, which I'm not yet happy with, but will improve shortly. Just getting this out there to gauge interest!

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