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Hille@userstyles deleted this style because of "I'm no longer gonna update the theme. From now on you can find my theme over at BBlog"

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BF3: Battlelog - Dark theme v1.1.4

Added by Hille@userstyles, Created: Dec 31, 2011, Updated: Jul 03, 2012
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I am no longer updating the theme here on userstyles.
From now on you can find my theme as part of the BBlog.

It can be found here

More info
v1.1.4 (date: 04.07.2012)
* I'm not updating the theme on userstyles anymore. You can now get the theme trough BBLog

v1.1.3 (date: 25.04.2012)
* Fixed searchbox on serverbrowser
* Added color to active server, in serverbrowser.

v1.1.2 (date: 20.04.2012)
* Did some minor changes.

v1.1.1 (date: 18.04.2012)
* Fixed pie chart again
* Fixed search box on server browser
* Removed white border on active server in the server browser

v1.1.0 (date: 14.04.2012)
* Fixed live scoreboard

v1.0.9 (date: 13.04.2012)
* Fixed colors

v1.0.8 (date: 04.02.2012)
* Fixed the piechart
* Added color to server description
* Fixed game type color on server view

v1.0.7 (date: 15.01.2012)
* Some minor color changes on the borders
* Changed to white colors on stats pages (text)
* Added black background to progressbars

v1.0.6 (date: 08.01.2012)
* Fixed title shadow on com center toolbar
* Added grey background to assignment page
* Fixed the party box
* Added orange color to the service star progress

v1.0.5 (date: 07.01.2012)
* Added color to the entire scoreboard
* Fixing some borders on the frontpage
* Added color to the chat
* Fixed color on friend request
* Fixed some minor bugs on various pages

v1.0.4 (date: 04.01.2012)
* Fixed entire battlereport
* Fixed all stats pages
* Changed .base-middle color to #0f0f0f
* Fixed Server info
* Fixed update list
* Added color to the bottom toolbar
* Added color to com center

v1.0.3 (date: 03.01.2012)
* Changed all white text from #ffffff to #cccccc ( CptGiggles :] )
* Changed news border to a darker color
* Made the hover box on server browser grey
* Fixed text colors in hover box
* Removed white background on the show all players button
* Fixed news site (border color, comments color, header text)
* Fixed text on platoon site
* Added some new colors to platoons

* Fixes some colors on the soldier stats
* Removed pie chart background
* Added blue color to the titles
* Added white text color to the bottom soldier stats
* Added orange color to rank title on frontpage
* Fixed background on coop page
* Added white text color to coop page

* Changed forum color
* Changed forum quote-box color
* Changed forum sticky color
* Added white color to text in the news-feed
* Added grey color to the reply boxes in the news-feed

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