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Please install version 2.1 of the BetterRoblox theme! Feedback much appreciated!

This theme is now unsupported by me. Use my new theme for any future updates and support.

More info
Update 6/24/13:

Update 6/21/13:
* [19:39 PST] Piloting new background color, navbar color, and link color. Send me feedback on Roblox, please.
* [19:39 PST] Removed a few obsolete selectors and combined two CSS documents into one

Update 6/18/13:
* [17:46 PST] Updated game/place page to match new appearance spreading through the site

Update 6/1/13:
* [00:20 PST] Minor visual tweak to status update text box and corresponding to soften and lower contrast
* [00:26 PST] Disposed of rogue 'report ad' button for nonexistant ad

Update 5/23/13:
* [15:32 PST] Added support for new /Home page
* [16:21 PST] Fixed /Games.aspx page appearance

Update 5/19/13:
* [16:10 PST] Minor updates to /My/Character.aspx and /Friends.aspx

Update 5/14/13:
* [18:12 PST] Removed footer when replying to messages (do you really need it there?)
* [18:23 PST] Minor visual tweaks to inbox, archived messages, and notifications pages

Update 5/6/13:
* [14:42 PST] Fixed annoying scroll box for long message chains (they shouldn't scroll any more)

Update 4/18/13:
- [17:37 PST] The following changes were made to the /My/GroupAdmin.aspx page:
* Legends panel widened and shortened, connected to roleset modifier panel
* Text boxes in roleset modifier panel widened for easier editing
* All three boxes under the Settings tab have been connected and compressed slightly
* Group emblem and description panels have had their background colors fixed
* Drop-down input to select users' ranks has had its text made smaller

Update 4/11/13:
* [22:52 PST] Fixed a fix breaking a fix so the fix fixes stuff. Heard you like fixes, dawg.
* [14:15 PST] Fixed messages having gray body text instead of white text
* [14:21 PST] Minor tweaks to Messages/Inbox page appearance

Update 4/4/13:
* [16:05 PST] Fixed friends page for "new look"
* [16:06 PST] Fixed bright white button, rogue divider and unreadable black text when viewing your inventory

Update 3/25/13:
* [20:41 PST] Fixed main navbar showing the old bright blue background

Update 3/16/13:
* [15:14 PST] Actually fixed not being able to click the entire send button when sending messages

Update 3/11/13:
* [14:37 PST] Fixed white borders on user pages
* [14:37 PST] Fixed green border on blue buttons on place pages
* [14:37 PST] Fixed a very minor problem where a nasty gradient would appear as the highlighted version of the /My/ nav menu if you hovered just below the navbar

Update 3/2/13:
* [17:35 PST] Fixed play and build buttons showing up green instead of blue. (On pages containing Places)
* [17:36 PST] Fixed 'Send' and 'Send and Archive' buttons being partly covered when sending messages.

Update 2/15/13:
* [14:49 PST] Fixed unread messages in the Inbox being unreadable with a white background.
* [15:00 PST] Fixed submit button on /My/Account.aspx page.
* [15:00 PST] Fixed text spacing for privacy settings on /My/Account.aspx page.

Update 2/12/13:
* [15:25 PST] Lots of minor tweaks to the Group Admin page, including making the RoleSet text field larger. More changes would've been made, but much of the HTML is very dated.

Update 2/10/13:
* [13:51 PST] Fixed 'Create group' button (appeared as if multiple buttons existed) - Credit to for reporting this issue

Update 2/2/13:
* [12:21 PST] Fixed new messages showing up with a white background in your Inbox, making message text unreadable
* [12:21 PST] Removed ads when places are loading and removed message promoting Builders Club

Update 1/9/13:
* [21:20 PST] Added support for the Inventory page (/My/Stuff.aspx)
* [21:25 PST] Added support for the Character page (/My/Character.aspx)
* [21:27 PST] Other minor tweaks (text color, borders, etc.) around the site

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