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Added by Parsonsda@userstyles, Created: Jun 22, 2012, Updated: Aug 30, 2012
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Removes all the Junk! no adverts, no side bar, nothing but what you need!

*Citadel Background Not Included

(Please Note, edit the skin after and set it so it only on runescape wiki site, else it can cut off alot)

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Wikia Classic Skin - Version 3.3

Update the Search Page for 3rd time, due to new wikia layout, i fixed this quickly :)

CommunityCornerModule made to it inline with the box above.

Wikia Classic Skin - Version 3.2

Fixed the Search bar on User pages.

Moved Topic Button on Talk Pages, no longer blocked by search bar.

(Feedback by: Baitercell)

Moved Search Bar on User Pages, No loner Blocking Long Name.

(Feedback by: Baitercell)

Text from "Put you'r advert here" on homepage has been removed.

Link to Bug report changed to my userpage so i get them.

Wikia Classic Skin - Version 3.1

Search Bar Fixed

Search Page Fixed

Wikia Classic Skin - Version 3.0

More Soft Hover added.

Wikia Classic Skin - Version 2.9

Userpage Avatars Increased to 150px

Soft Hover added to Menus, so if you hover over a menu, it fade out after.

Wikia Classic Skin - Version 2.8

Moved the Search Bar so doesn't block the edit button.

Now 1 Line of code! auto Updates! easier then ever before!

All Reported Bugs Fixed!

No Copyright thing.

Coding for Extra can now be found easy at the bottom of the page.

rounded corner on menu.

Removed gap at top of edit page.

fixed search bar, even on the homepage and user page.

rounded user avatar.

Wikia Classic Skin - Version 2.7

Search bar moved back to normal place

Community news + Hot spots now fixed, now locked in place, so they don't move around the page!

Search bar softened

logo changed to classic logo!

all but 1 bug fixed! (search bar on search page is last bug! nothing big, just blocks aliitle text.

Wikia Classic Skin - Version 2.6

Removed the Gallery border so now it blends in nicely with the background.

Changed CSS background to White.

Changed the links to Blue.

Added a extra image to Preview to show you more of it.

Moved the Search Autocomplete on the image pages to the left, making it usable.

Fixed WikiaPageHeader now the edit button doesn't block the menu bar.

Wikia Classic Skin - Version 2.6

Removed Related Pages at bottom of page.

Wikia Classic Skin - Version 2.5

Re-Arranged the active feed page, with hot spots on one side, and and community corner on the other side

Moved the header links again

Wikia Classic Skin - Version 2.4

Removed the new Also on Wikia the second it came in

Wikia Classic Skin - Version 2.3

Changed the z-index of the link Bar and Edit button to 0 to stop it going under the Detail Bar

Positioned the Search Bar over the facebook link on the homepage to hide it

Moved the Search Bar Again, because it blocked the links

Moved the Search Bar to the top in editing mode

Moved the Buttons top in editing mode

Moved the Suggested Search in editing mode

Moved the Buttons to the bottom bar.

Wikia Classic Skin - Version 2.2

Made the Gray bar go behind the user drop-down

Fixed the bug where user couldn't access user-talk Tab Via user drop-down

Removed Add New Page button on the homepage

Removed Blank Space at bottom of the page, under the category

Added Suggested Search to the left, as it didn't fit anywhere else

Homepage Top and Right Adverts Removed

Fixed the bug where the search bar blocks the image title, it now back in place

Wikia Classic Skin - Version 2.1

Added a z-index to Wikia-Header so no things go under it

Adjusted the User Drop down list

Removed the white gap between the User Tabs

Increased Category banner to make the image viewable, and made the colour the same

Changed page Detail Banner Width to auto

Moved Random Page and Wiki Activity to above tabs to remove the bug where it keep hiding

Removed Wikia Inc Navigation at bottom of the page, pointless for us

Random Page and Wiki Activity now light up if you hover over them

Wikia Classic Skin - Version 2.0

No Spotlights

No Banner links

No Small Wikia Ads

No Start New Wikia

Page width increased to normal

Search Bar attached to Tool bar meaning you don't need to scroll to top of page to search

Hot Spots fixed to homepage to avoid the page bug.

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