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Added by MirzaD@userstyles, Created: Mar 13, 2013, Updated: Dec 11, 2014
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Feedly style to resemble Google Reader.
Clean and Wide view that removes right sidebar, and optimizes some vertical space.

Full quality before and after images below:

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Initial code based on: http://freestyler.ws/style/49291/feedly-clean-wide-fullview

1. Install this theme
2. Go to http://cloud.feedly.com/#preferences and change default view to:Full Articles
3. Change view mode by clicking on "gear" icon to full-articles for each news feed
4. Enjoy

Tested on 1366x768 and on 1920x1080

More info
Version 1.9.1 Fixed regression with new Feedly version that causes fat gray background for selected items. Adde box shadow effecto to selected item. More thight main content.

Version 1.9 Initial update for the new Feedly (August 22, 2014). Includes compressed spacing for share bar, and fixes to 'Visit Wesite Button'

Version 1.8 Added option to change reading type, default is the usual style no changes, and "Comic" increases images on the site so it is easier to read web comics directly in feedly. Thanks to Amstrad00 for contributing his code for this :) https://forum.userstyles.org/discussion/42959/x

Version 1.7 Added option to change font and size for the content. You need to have this font locally installed, I recommend using PT Serif

Version 1.6.13 Reverted changes from 1.6.12, that later on caused a bug

Version 1.6.12 Fixed unread count alligment

Version 1.6.11 Fixed missing line breaks, thanks to 'misha-mzs' for reporting this problem

Version 1.6.10 Tightened up the left navigation a little

Version 1.6.9 Made upgrade to pro button little less intrusive

Version 1.6.8 Fixed the height of YouTube videos

Version 1.6.7 Fixed width overflow issue

Version 1.6.6 Optimization for 1366px width resolutions

Version 1.6.5 Fixed integration with Feedly v19, thanks to "hellgiver" for his comment.

Version 1.6.4 Changes for the first link in article based on feedback from user "m00m"

Version 1.6.3 Further optimized blank space at the bottom of articles

Version 1.6.2 Fixed Visit Web Page Link

Version 1.6.1 Fixed top panel width

Version 1.6 Fixed integration with Feedly v16, reduced empty space in the sources list and other fixes

Version 1.5.2 Minor spacing optimization
Version 1.5.2 Improved magazine layout

Version 1.5.1 Fixed YouTube video being to far to the left

Version 1.5 Optimizations for new v10 version

Version 1.4 Removed redundant top share panel, the bottom one remains

Version 1.3 Improved left navigation bar

Version 1.2 Improved Today page

Version 1.1 Removed more wasted space between content items

Initial version 1.0

Made in the wake of the news of Google shutting down Google Reader :(

Initial code based on: http://freestyler.ws/style/49291/feedly-clean-wide-fullview

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