★★★ Dark/Black/Night Feedly + wide/condensed ★★★

Added by akerd@userstyles, Created: Mar 21, 2013, Updated: Nov 17, 2016


Feedly is emerging as the best alternative to Google Reader scheduled closing.
Since many years I do my best to create dark styles for web sites I uses more often (Google Search, YouTube, Reddit) and Feedly has recently become one of this.
Like the title suggests, this is a simple dark (or night) style that uses an almost black color for the background and white/green for RSS content and other text elements. I tried also to reduced the unused space and to make fit better on bigger screens (equal or greater than 1600x1200)

I'll tune this style to target my personal tastes but I would try to implement any good suggestion you want to provide me.

★★★ Tested both on Firefox and Chrome extension ★★★

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More info
Along with the release of Feedly Cloud, after being in beta for various months without any major problem, I just moved the style status to Release!

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** Next Steps: Code optimization and Options ** Stay Tuned! ♬

1.21 - 2016/11/17
+ Improved Magazine View to use more space
+ Improved buttons in Magazine View

1.20 - 2016/11/17
+ Styled close button
+ Styled mark all read button
+ Styled refresh button
+ Styled popup menu and icon
+ Improved unread/read color difference
+ Improved card view used space
+ Improved card view to be able showing more than 3 columns

1.19 - 2016/11/16
+ Added an experiment with FontAwesome fonts used as replaced for actions PNG. Used at the moment only for Bookmark button
x Fast fix after 14th November feedly new version rollout

1.18 - 2016/04/06
+ Improved timeline space
x Fixed white border around images
x Removed image corner radius
x Remove white border on new item toolbar

1.17 - 2014/11/11
x Fixed white frame over titles

1.16 - 2014/10/29
x Fixed white background on slider cards
x Fixed horizontal scrollbar always appear on browser
x Fixed some border colors

1.15 - 2014/08/26
x Quick fix for new white bar on top and bottom of feeds. Unfortunately Feedly has changed again all image path so I need sometimes to fix their color.

1.14 - 2014/04/16
+ Improved wide screen behavior (removed hard-coded fixed width)

1.13 - 2014/03/20
+ Fixed style for almost all icons

1.12 - 2014/03/18

x Fixed background color of new frame
x Fixed background color of "Get Feedly Pro" box
x Fixed background color of left sidebar
x Fixed style of search/add feed input
x Fixed Facebook icon position

1.11 - 2014/01/20
x Fixed new Mark Read big button style

1.10 - 2013/12/18
x Fixed domain due to Feedly changes

1.9 - 2013/11/27
x Fixed style for https urls

1.8 - 2013/11/26
x Fixed icons shown when mouse is over a newsfeed row (other icons fixes will be done later)

1.7 - 2013/11/26 - 17.5 fixes
+ Improved popup text color
x Fixed background in Cards view when there is only text and no image
x Add url prefix

1.6 - 2013/08/26 - 17.1 fixes
x Fixed background content in magazine/cards view
x Fixed background for new "website call for action"
x Fixed color (blue->green) for hyperlinks in content body
x Fixed icons position (work in progress)

1.5 - 2013/07/05
+ Reduce space occupied by info box
x Fixed margin of entries in Title View that overlap the left sidebar scrollbar
x Fixed tags style

1.4 - 2013/07/01
+ Overriden max-width of article (600px -> 1000px)
x Fixed twitter and close overlay icons

1.3 - 2013/06/27
x Fixed colors and space in Full Article
x Fixed border colors in Cards View

1.2 - 2013/06/24
x Fixed close icon color
x Fixed floating quicklist date background

1.1 - 2013/06/20
x Fixed a bug that caused metadata links on top of entry titles to disappear

1.0 - 2013/06/20
+ Added support to Feedly Cloud (http://cloud.feedly.com/#my)
+ Larger entry body max width
+ More condensend entry body
x Fixed too narrow top margin before entry list

0.10 - 2013/06/17
+ Added 5px margin to the top
x Fixed Index background and used space
x Fixed placeholder background color
x Fixed left sidebar top links

0.9 - 2013/06/13
x Fixed some title colors
x Fixed left sidebar background color

0.8 - 2013/04/10
+ Improved Search Results when searching new contents
+ Improved big all read text and icon
x Fixed a background regressions style
x Fixed empty color under Organize

0.7 - 2013/04/09
+ Styled Google+ icon
+ Mark as read popup moved top
+ Restyled new icons added with Feedly update 14.0.477
x Minor fixes and condensation improvements
x Fixed Quick Goto (Chrome) background color

0.6 - 2013/04/02
+ Styled floating bar icons
+ Styled Edit/Remove part
+ Removed unnecessary space under the page title to be more condensed
x Fixed bold color in entry body

0.5 - 2013/03/28
+ Improved design of all icons (few are still missing probably)
+ Removed embedded icons (64k css limit) and move to Photobucket
+ Improved ads style
+ Improved twitter style
+ Reduce min height of news content
+ Other improvements to condensed layout
x Fixed broken icons due to new Feedly upgrade
x Minor fixes

0.4 - 2013/03/27
x Fixed wide layout issue

0.3 - 2013/03/27
+ Improved style for saved/quickist entries
+ Restyled "Add Webiste" floating right panel
+ Restyled "Organize" page
+ Started preferenes restyle
+ Restyled single feed icons (facebook, twitter, save for later, etc.)
+ Fixed twitter widget style
x Fixed right bar fallen below all in home page by reducing the space dedicated to show content
x Fixed action text-only elements (mark read, save, etc.)
x Lot of minor fixes

0.2 - 2013/03/25
+ Reduced unused space (padding, margins, etc.)
+ Improved featured area used space (unfortunately the number of featured news is fixed to 3 and I cannot ovverride this behavior)
+ Started recoloring all icons and improved hover effects (top bar, sidebar and hover bar)
+ Used "feedly" green for titles and other elements
x Fixed bottom page background color

0.1 - 2013/03/22
+ First release

Applies to:
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