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Shrinks trades in search results, user pages, and frontpage/recent listings, giving 2 columns of trades in under 1024 horizontal pixels! Or 3 in 1600!

EXTRA shrinkage on "My Trades" -- 4 columns of trades in 1200-wide window! 5 in 1440! 6 in 1720! Shows as many columns as your browser can fit!

Contrast - reduced! Superfluous boxes - gone!

NEW in v0.60! regressive custom scrollbar replaced by native scrollbar!
Before & After album here:

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On search/recent/other-user/offers/bookmarks/matches pages:
* trades displayed in liquid grid -- fits 2 columns in 1004 pixels; more in more
* contrast reduced
* all kinds of empty space removed
* footer, network bar, sidebar removed
* smaller paint blotch
* smaller item boxes (icon size unchanged)
* tiny "this to that" arrow
* clickable trade tools shrunk
* notes capped at 12 lines (full-height trade) or 14 lines (half height 4-item trade)
* bigger clickable widgets in title bars, especially the oft-used "backpack" and "add"
* compact icon jumble in nav

Additional shrinkage on "My Trades" -- 3 columns in 860 pixels! 6 columns in 1720 pixels!
* tiny item icons and item boxes
* "your name wants to trade" gone
* notes toggle removed
* "bump trade" icon oversized and bright green
* notes capped at 3 lines (full-height) or 5 lines (half-height)

Changes to individual trade pages:
* comment and input boxes match background
* title bars shrunk
* more visible "bump this" button

v0.04 - first release
v0.05 - herped one derp
v0.06 - notification blobs moved, compressed trade comments
v0.07 - softened green autobump dots, less contrast in comments, fixed comment tickmarks
v0.08 - lower contrast! reversed gradient so that title is dark and contents match background
v0.11 - cleanup, fixed chrome arrow-sizing glitch
v0.12 - secondary paint
v0.14 - green bump button on trades, margin tweaks
v0.15 - darker title bars with less contrasty font color
v0.16 - fix dota icons overflowing
v0.17 - float user data & user_nav to left, allowing 1000-pixel window
v0.19 - fixed notification icons that moved
v0.20 - smaller reply icons
v0.21 - bummed 12px off My Trades trades, now 298 wide! Smaller borders on comment-avatars
v0.22 - removed "wants to trade" from my trades, allowing bigger time font. 296px. Regular trade lists shrunk by couple of pixels, now 504 wide. Added helpful comments throughout
v0.23 - clickable area of titlebar includes timestamp, fixed long usernames overflowing titlebar
v0.24 - big bumpable button, small autobump toggle
v0.25 - replaced opacity:0.999 hack w/ position:relative in clickable-timestamp ".caption a" style; finally found and removed page-widener (in body min-width)
v0.26 - lighter title bars; restored nickname in notes on trade page; lower opacity for comment titlebars
v0.27 - narrower comment titles w/ faded icons, opacity restored
v0.28 - new offer textarea cleanup
v0.29 - restore top border on titlebars
v0.31 - announcement border; replaced confusing url regex w/ stacked url prefix declarations; added bookmarks,offers,matches to spec; new screenshots
v0.33 - notes display:inline-block for chrome; offer icons lightened
v0.34 - pixel bumming - nano 286px; mini 502px
v0.35 - bigger backpack widget; smaller report widget
v0.36 - bigger widget icons; bigger add on steam widget; smaller autobump widget; before & after album
v0.37 - nano-trade 3px shorter (157)
v0.38 - compact icon jumble in top right
v0.39 - fixed jumble on chrome
v0.40 - fixed dumb scrollbar appearance due to wrapper width
v0.42 - lighter item backgrounds; My Trades has stubby paint and smaller trashcan; user_nav jumble floated left; wider clickzone on "wants to trade" now under titlebar widget
v0.43 - expand-notes-on-hover + shorten mini and nano trades; fix margin in widget bar; match offer-form width to border; darken text inputs on focus; smaller craft nos & trashcan in My Trades;
v0.44 - expand-on-hover tuned up so that grid does not move, triggers only on notes hover, notes narrow on expand to allow selecting the trade below; clickable title bar lightens on hover
v0.45 - notes width shunk to 95% of trade, single trade title widgets shrunk to 120% (was 150%)
v0.46 - titlebar tuneup, hover effect for bump and autobump widgets, tweak autobump icon color to look more like other icon colors (is actually LESS like them than before, #555, was #666, vs icon color of #7B736D, but it looked lighter due to simultaneous contrast w/ green bg
v0.47 - added small border to bottom of notes on trade lists to signal when there is more to see, add max-height to trades so that expansion of other people's trades doesn't move grid
v0.48 - make notes always visible, remove notes_toggle widget; make report widget narrower everywhere; update title bar hover to be dark; new screenshots
v0.49 - widen titlebar clickzone to include all of titlebar; darken notes-hover and title-hover
v0.51 - small delay on notes expand/collapse; add /item/ history to scope and condense display
v0.52 - narrow scope of item/paint/craftno/etc. rules so that item history icon appears normal size
v0.53 - bump was too hard to click, grew titlebars from 19 to 30px, nano trade now 140px (was 131) to accommodate
v0.54 - nano craft numbers, tweak trade height
v0.55 - bottom padding on trade lists to show more notes from last row (where expand-on-hover doesn't work)
v0.56 - tuned icons in single trade: bigger and with more noticeable exclamation/tick marks
v0.57 - fix expand-on-hover notes for closed trades
v0.58 - input/textarea colors
v0.59 - most_traded was an id, now a class, still gone
v0.60 - regressive custom scrollbar replaced by native scrollbar in /new & /search
v0.61 - scrollbar fixes
v0.63 - lower delay to collapse notes, make status stripes (ingame, online, offline) more prominent and distinguishable, put bp on the right in new/search and make it full height
v0.65 - notes margin-bottom added to stop occasional bleedthrough; more space at bottom of list of trades to allow for long notes near bottom of page
v0.67 - narrowed my trades 6px by removing arrow and whitening right side of full-width "has"; 120px narrower selector grid in new/search via smaller item containers (same icon size); 10% smaller username font in search/recent listings to prevent overslow
v0.69 - update for OP reskin

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