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After some tuning, a darker paint job, and a bit of polishing I bring you this theme. With over 100 lines of CSS under the hood 'you're going to like the way it looks; I guarantee it' /endSalesPitch

More info
*updated link to js version since userscripts.org has shutdown.*
-Only compatible with furaffinity's Dark theme.
-Always looking for suitable banners (1920x200)

also available at https://openuserjs.org/scripts/Artex/FurAffinity_-_Extra_Dark . If you have grease/tamper monkey then go ahead and try it out. will include functionality that could not be done with CSS alone. That includes the navigation bar sticking to the top of the screen when you scroll passed it.

I'll keep this up to date with any site changes(ha) and will update as i tweak anything. Suggestions, comments, or concerns? Leave a comment or note me at FA(http://www.furaffinity.net/user/artex./)

Current Version:1.2.5
*darkened comment borders

Previous versions
*Font size option
*New spring banner by Anti-Dark-Heart, photo shopped to fit.
*Can choose banner of provide your own. 1920x200 or your screen resolution width by 200

*Fixed the top of gallery, scraps, and favorites pages. (now styled)
*Re-Re-Removed dotted outlines on selected submission thumbnails.
*Filled in that bit next to the avatar on the profile page.
*Oh! and improved readability on txt submissions.
*Styled Commission page 'even' tables.

*Checked submission color changed to fit theme. (not worth creating a new version entry for)
*top of shouts adjusted
*background now uniform(were some varying shades on some pages)
*Fall banner! I modified it to fit.
*Username drop down menu hover color changed.

*New banner - credit to user unfiltered for most of the css
*Now available at userscripts.org
*Need an autumn banner of the apropriate size, interested? Note me.
If all else fails I'll give it a whack. ^^
-a note to self, change color of hover on username drop-down list thing.

# 1.1.4
*thumbnail transition for firefox only - doesn't work right on chrome.
*made thumbnail hover more subtle
*hovering over user profile tabs make more sense now
*+watch is gold upon hovering over
*small tweaks for functionality that probably won't be noticed at all.

*re-removed dotted lines on active thumbnails.
*fixed miscolored background at edges when viewing particularly stretchy images.
*changed home page recent submissions background to match browse
*description popups on submissions fade in
*tempted to remove top banner from all pages but home... Maybe move the ads somewhere, I'd hate to remove them.

*added border and background to submissions.
*added some more comments for anyone wanting to know how it works.
*minor, almost unnoticeable tweaks.

*applied changes that were made to general rated thumbnails to other ratings
*fiddled around with the banner for an hour resulting in little to no changes.
*fixed image overlapping text when scaled
*cleaned up the css a little

*fixed news notification to fit adjusted layout
*user-page tab animation
*removed dotted-outline from active thumbnails
*thumbnails scale when hovered over

*darkened theme
*tweaked banner
*fixed navbar to top of screen
*removed contrasting outlines on most things.

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