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Shifts the focus back to the center of the screen. Returns RPS to a Clean Blog Style with all the unnecessary clutter / noise & so-called annoyances removed.
* Now with tailored settings for both Firefox (Mozilla), Pale Moon & Chrome browsers. *

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You need to choose between Firefox (Mozilla), Pale Moon, or Chrome. Choosing the wrong browser may make the style appear broken. NOTE: See the Drop Box Selection at the top of this page above the Install / Update button.

Edit 28.5:
  • CHANGED: Hover over the small Tag icon inside the upper right of Articles to see their related tags. (see "Article Tags" screenshot above).
  • Style fixed on "RPS Supporter / Redirect" and several other webpages
  • Ongoing Alignment adjustments due to website changes
Known Bugs / Issues:
1: Only -Zooms In- well up to 180% in Chrome or 5 Steps in Firefox. Some elements become misaligned or disappear at extreme zoom levels.

2: Clearing your browsers cache has been known to fix many issues when Installing or Updating this style.

3: Search dialog helper for Tag Searching is misaligned (see "Search" screenshot above). I've tried to compensate for this as best I could for now.

4: Some messy code that needs to be cleaned up. May contain superfluous entries. (Harmless)

5: Edit 15+ might not support browsers outside of Firefox or Chrome.

This Style has entered a maintenance phase. The main focus will now be adapting to changes made to the website that break this Style. I require feedback on any significant issues.

Edit 27.6:
  • Style disabled on "RPS Supporter" webpage
Edit 26.2:
  • Minor alignment tweak due to the apparent removal of infinite page loading
  • Added tailored settings for the Pale Moon (Firefox offshoot) web browser
  • Style disabled on "RPS Supporter Redirect" webpage
Edit 25:
  • Modified RegExp & Removed a defunct site targeted tweak
  • Fixed a new alignment issue
Edit 24.2:
  • Adapted to a Widget Function Change
  • Removed Tag Alphabet Search
  • Fixed Tag Search misalignment due to website change
Edit 23:
  • Adapted to random http / https switching.
Edit 22:
  • Website compatibility update. (Clear Browser Cache if you experience issues)
  • Minor Tweaks
Edit 21:
  • Tag Search moved due to new infinite page loading making it impossible to use on the main page. (Screenshot Updated)
  • Updated Browser specific Tweaks.
Edit 20:
  • Added Browser specific Tweaks. You will be asked to choose between Firefox, Chrome, or Default for non specific tweaks. NOTE: See the Drop Box Selections at the top of this page above the Install / Update button.
  • Tweaked Font sizes.
  • Changed Font style in the Comments Section.
  • Minor Color Tweaks.
  • Fixed Randomly appearing formatting / spacing issues.
Edit 19:
  • Article to Article navigation tweaked to deal with extraordinarily long Titles.
  • Adjusted to suit website font changes (Under Evaluation).
  • Removed main page "Video Carousel".
  • Top Comments link color normalization (Screenshot Updated).
Edit 18:
  • Header links realigned.
Edit 17:
  • Main navigation bar adjusted... again.
Edit 16:
  • Main navigation bar adjusted.
Edit 15:
  • Significant change to how Style is applied in order to limit the effects to the desired areas. Tested in Firefox & Chrome Browsers.
  • Forums tweaked to compensate to above change.
  • Removed some obsolete tweaks.
Edit 14:
  • Fixed "Website only search" cosmetic issue.
Edit 13:
  • Page Zoom horizontal scrolling reduced.
  • Top Comments link color tweaks.
  • Removed internal comment counter.
Edit 12:
  • Style appearance tweaks.
Edit 11:
  • Removed "Article Carousel" & Extra set of "Social Media Icons"
Edit 10:
  • Adapted to header changes. (Clear Browser Cache if you experience issues)
  • Fixed an overlooked header link issue.
Edit 9:
  • Minor Header adjustments.
Edit 8:
  • Website compatibility update. (Clear Browser Cache if you experience issues)
Edit 7:
  • Word Press Bar Alignment Fix (Only visible when Logged in)
Edit 6:
  • 'Quick Fix' for alignment issue with new Header changes
Edit 5:
  • Fixed small color change omission in Top Comments.
Edit 4:
  • Added searching for stories / tags back in
  • Added Partial Footer back in
Edit 3:
  • Removed a gap
Edit 2:
  • Forums centered again.
Edit 1:
  • Fixed reply box background on private forum messages.
This style was started from an ancient version of "Rock Paper Shotgun, just the blog". Designed to be way less bare-bones.

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