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Added by DaedalusIcarusHelios@userstyles, Created: Nov 07, 2008, Updated: May 28, 2015
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Facebook themed like my other Dark Shiny Blue, transparency themes.

Facebook: http://fb.me/DaedalusIcarusHelios.themes

***Requires Firefox 35 or later for some effects***
-Any performance issues seem to be due to too many effects (text-shadow, box-shadow, and gradients). I've reorganized the code with comments at the top so you can comment out the text-shadow and box-shadow sections.
-In regards to scrolling slowness, I recommend using the Firefox Add-on Yet Another Smooth Scrolling rather than the native smooth scrolling.

More info
5/28/15 - Used updated code from http://freestyler.ws/style/41610/facebook-dark-shiny-transparency-with-options
11/8/14 - Updated numerous things, using some CSS3 filters
9/11/12 - Used updated code from http://freestyler.ws/style/41610/facebook-dark-shiny-transparency-with-options
6/27/12 - Fixed layout issue with content shifting to the far right
6/24/12 - Used updated code from http://freestyler.ws/style/41610/facebook-dark-shiny-transparency-with-options
3/17/12 - Used updated code from http://freestyler.ws/style/41610/facebook-dark-shiny-transparency-with-options
2/23/12 - Used updated code from http://freestyler.ws/style/41610/facebook-dark-shiny-transparency-with-options
9/30/11 - Timeline profile themed
9/25/11 - Major update - many fixes
7/25/11 - Reverted to images instead of gradients for cross-browser compatibility and performance
7/9/11 - Fixed/updated chat, updated buttons, etc.
6/6/11 - Synced code from http://freestyler.ws/style/41610/facebook-dark-shiny-transparency-with-options (numerous updates)
5/28/11 - Using new code from http://freestyler.ws/style/41610/facebook-dark-shiny-transparency-with-options with options: all blue, silver metallic, stripe (see that theme for more options). Background is made of gradients and not a hosted image (should prevent the image hosting issues)
4/19/11 - Various fixes, including messages, search friend box, insights
3/31/11 - Various fixes, including for FB widgets on other sites, purged a bunch of old code and optimized some, and changed image host for Facebook logo images (temp fix for now)
3/11/11 - Fixed comment box issue, used themed status orbs in the friends on chat matrix, etc.
2/25/11 - Fixed search box for chat list (now always shows), misc. fixes
2/25/11 - Fixes for chat list, close icon for deleting items in wall fixed (position)
2/21/11 - Bunch of fixes, fixes for Better Face Book add-on, etc.
12/6/10 - Fixes for New Profile Design
12/2/10 - Fixed writing notes, tweaks on profile's notes page, fixed some buttons, etc.
11/21/10 - Fixed new Group-related stuff, floating top notification bar, others
11/3/10 - fixed home stream and icons on Facebook bar (due to new Facebook update), a few other little things
10/20/10 - Fixed top bar, a few other things, and removed the ad panel on profiles
10/6/10 - Fixed chat text cursor (was behind icon); fixed Facebook logo hover; fixed like/comment box when hovered
9/22/10 - Fixed feed count, close buttons on right-side of home page, and new counts on left-side of home page
7/26/10 - Fixed white comment boxes, notifications button image, misc. button fixes
7/2/10 - A bunch of fixes and tweaks. Includes Chat status icon fixes, submit button fixes, search box fixed
6/9/10 - Fixed some text links with span, type ahead suggestions below search box, misc.
6/2/10 - Security/Privacy settings page fixes, Feedback link, misc.
5/10/10 - Fixed chat boxes, other misc. stuff, chat input width, chat friend status icon position (scroll bar)
4/14/10 - Fixed issue when clicking on "What is on your mind?" input box (it went below right column and widened out)
4/10/10 - Stream text color fix, misc.
3/25/10 - Misc. fixes
3/18/10 - Fixed/tweaked home stream
3/1/10 - Fixed/tweaked some buttons, misc. updates
2/25/10 - Fixed the close button on the Friend Suggestion on front page
2/23/10 - Misc. updates/fixes; some come from Narulez (including Farmville fixes)
2/19/10 - The top bar broke due to FB changes; fixed now.
2/12/10 - The top bar is now fixed when scrolling so it is always visible
2/10/10 - Fixed text color for top bar titles for menus
2/9/10 - Few minor tweaks here and there
2/6/10 - Major update to fix New Facebook Redesign
1/28/10 - Misc. updates, including removal of link outlines (thanks to jukebox42)
1/17/10 - Privacy lock icon fix, misc. fixes
1/15/10 - Misc. fixes, notification pop-up fix
1/5/10 - Fix for sent updates for fan pages
--truncated old updates list--

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