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This is an awesome Derpy style i made for ROBLOX. It will be edited a lot so be sure to look out for updates. If i am missing something, and you wish for me to update it, please send me a personal message. I promise I wont be offended.

Also, if you could check out my youtube channel "Focus Gaming" It would be much appreciated. The profile picture is a blue FG.

More info
Current version


Earlier versions

- Added everything
Original version of the style. Will be patched soon with different text colors. Colored buttons will be out soon

- changes to the member login box
Made the login box transparent, along with modifying the padding so the "Signup" button isn't clipping the bottom boarder.

- removed Divider
On the games tab there was a divider that would hide the overflow from games so i made it transparent. Very small update

- Enhanced color scheme
- Added symbols
- Colored voting system
- Fixed small bugs
I changed to color scheme so that it was a correct Derpy palette. Instead of trusting pictures i took the colors directly from the show. Also, now the symbols are both colored, and no longer have a white background, As well as i colored the green and red voting bar to be derpy's hair and hair outline.

-added category icons
When i changed the Icons i later noticed that there was also category icons as well, it should be all fixed now.

- Removed the box that would appear when hovering over games
- Removed the background of the scroll box
- made the background of the search bar transparent
- Added a search Icon
- Colored the buttons
Pretty big update making things look even neater.

-Very small image property changes
I changed the background image size to "Cover" So it's full sized on all PCs.

If you use Roblox a lot, chances are you noticed this when it first happened. I hardly ever go on Roblox and when I got on today, I noticed that everything was screwed up. I don't know how it happened, maybe an update? I don't know. All I know is that I got on and everything was way to the right and white margins were on both sides of the background, yeah you probably already know so no use in going into detail. Anyway, I'm sorry for the delay in fixing this little problem, I'll be recoloring the buttons to their former glory soon. Also, thanks for nearly 100 downloads, I really appreciate it. (Sidenote: I'm sorry about the news feed at the home-screen being so low, I haven't yet figured out how to fix it, but I promise it will get there, just hang tight and enjoy the cute background instead of pointing out the bugs in the style until I figure out this weird change in code.)

Pre-Update 1.4
Just a heads up, the style is acting weird on account of the site being under maintenance. I don't know how long it will be, but as soon as it is over I'll be looking at the style and fixing what they changed. For now, I would recommend disabling the style until 1.4.5 because they could be editing values, and all that coding stuff that I don't know the name of.

Applies to:
http://www.roblox, http://blog.roblox, https://blog.roblox, https://www.roblox
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